iPhone 7 auction mazady Egypt
iPhone 7 auction mazady Egypt

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Six Reasons Not to Miss Creative Industry: Ramadan Edition 2016

Creatives, rejoice! The stage is almost set for the annual Ramadan Edition of Creative Industry Summit. Creative Industry is Egypt’s one and only hub...

10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in MENA – June

June or maybe we should call it Ramadan this year. Many brands celebrated the holy month and all, mainly telecom operators created customized ads - showcasing...

5 Noteworthy Ramadan Content Consumption Tidbits [Infographic]

Here's an infographic that shows five interesting facts based on Ramadan video-content consumption analysis on Facebook. Analysis done by our partners at Minitrics, a facebook video analytics tool. Share...


Mazady Auctions iPhone 7 for EGP 1,500 in Egypt

Are you sick and tired of skyrocketing iPhone 7 prices? Want to buy the phone of the year without having to pay the EGP...

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