Huawei Joins Ramadan Advertising Race

The beauty of Ramadan advertising is that you don’t always need to get overly creative to come up with an effective marketing campaign. By emphasizing the spirit of Ramadan, you are presented with an endless pool of ideas.

Going down the memory lane and reminiscing on our Ramadan experiences is the main concept of Huawei TVC for Ramadan this year.

The TVC showcases details that evoke positive and happy feelings from our childhood. From the first time, we started fasting to Ramadan decoration through different social gatherings and dinner parties.

Watch Huawei Ramadan TVC 2015

Simplicity is power, and with the tagline “الكلام يحلي في رمضان مع هواوي,” Huwaei succeeded in producing a campaign that capitalizes on family, friends, and togetherness in an easy, unpretentious fashion. With 2.14 minutes, the TVC, however, risked being too long, too detailed. Huawei TVC this Ramadan also missed a hashtag to help create buzz on social media and integrate between its offline and online advertising campaigns.

Huawei got my attention last March with its Mother’s day advert, a huge hit on YouTube. Read here my review on Huawei Mother’s day TVC. Let’s wait and see how Huawei Ramadan TVC will be received this year.

Ramadan Kareem!

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