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How to write ‘Performance Marketing Manager’ job description?

Performance marketing is one of the most trending functions in any startup or growing business; it plays a significant role in growth. Sourcing high-quality applications for the performance marketing role is crucial. Use the following job description template when hiring for a Performance Marketing Manager.

Reporting to: Head of Marketing, Marketing Director, Chief Marketing Officer.

Job Brief

We are hiring a Performance Marketing Manager with a successful track record to drive revenue, user acquisition, and brand awareness.

Main Responsibilities of a Performance Marketing Manager:

  • Creating and executing a solid performance marketing strategy & execution plan
  • Developing and managing digital prospecting and remarketing campaigns
  • Managing budgets and campaigns across all digital channels to drive strong return on investment and efficient CAC
  • Ensuring successful planning, execution, and optimization for key traffic KPIs via paid, organic & own media channels
  • Identifying and testing new channels to continue to meet or exceed established critical metrics
  • Working closely with the management to share funnel conversion improvement ideas, feedback & present results.

Key Requirements

  • You have a degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field.
  • You have prior experience in a similar role, as well as experience building effective multi-channel marketing strategies, including affiliate marketing, PPC, SEO, social media, and other digital channels.
  • You have a solid campaign and channel analysis and reporting expertise, including Google Analytics experience.
  • You possess excellent analytical skills and leverage data, metrics, analytics, and consumer behavior trends to drive actionable insights & recommendations.
  • You are a highly goal-oriented individual and have excellent communication skills.
  • You are open-minded, curious, and a strong problem solver.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is a type of digital marketing where advertisers pay publishers (affiliates) only when a specific action, such as a sale or lead, is completed. It is also known as pay-for-performance or cost-per-action (CPA) marketing. This type of marketing differs from traditional advertising, such as display advertising or brand advertising, where advertisers pay upfront for ad space or airtime regardless of the number of conversions or sales.

In performance marketing, advertisers partner with publishers, also known as affiliates, who promote the advertiser’s products or services to their audience. The affiliate is then rewarded with a commission for every sale or lead generated through their promotion. This creates a win-win situation for both the advertiser and the affiliate, as the advertiser only pays for results. The affiliate is incentivized to promote products or services that convert well.

Performance marketing is becoming increasingly popular as it allows advertisers to track their marketing efforts’ return on investment (ROI) more effectively and makes data-driven decisions. It also allows for a more targeted approach to marketing, as advertisers can focus on specific actions that are most important to their business. Additionally, performance marketing is cost-effective as it eliminates the risk of paying for ad space or airtime that doesn’t convert.

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