Throwback: Most Watched Brand Ads in Ramadan 2021

An entertaining, heartwarming ad is a forgiving excuse to interrupt a good series, especially during Ramadan when people seek comfort after a long day of fasting by watching TV.

During Ramadan, brands compete to produce the best advertisements to enforce their brands and maximize their reach. This is obvious through their choice of celebrities to appear in the ad, selection of music, and stories that emotionally affect the viewers.

Now that Ramadan is a few days away, let’s take a look back to remember the best ads from the last season.

Here’s a list of the most-watched ads on Youtube in Ramadan 2021 that resonated with audiences in Egypt and other Middle East countries.

10. Fresh ‘Ramadan 2021’ Ft. Dina El-Sherbiny & Ruby

With 100K views on Youtube, Dina El-Sherbiny and Ruby’s duet song for Fresh nailed it as a real fresh song. The appliance company “Fresh” is known for its melody songs during the Ramadan season and this one was an extension of the previous years’ trend.

9. ZED

With 260K views on Youtube, ZED’s ad became one of Egypt’s trending memes in Ramadan and beyond. Why? It’s known that Cairo is divided into zones, with El-Tagamo3 and Zayed being the two extremes, making the argument of “no, you come here, you’re further away” this dialog happens every time you want to meet up with a friend from the opposite side. And that’s exactly why the ZED ad worked.

The ad featured a group of top Egyptian actors, actresses, social media influencers, and footballer players, including Nelly Karim, Tara Emad, Karim Abdelaziz, Shireen Reda, and Yousra, Dina El-Sherbiny, Mido, Hazem Emam, Salma Abu Dief, Mohamed Zidane, and more.

8. Mountain View

The real estate giant Mountain View’s ad gained more than 2.6M views on Youtube with its ad about connections and being with our loved ones, featuring Hussien Al-Jasmi’s voice in a heartwarming song.

7. Alex Bank

Alex Bank’s ad gained more than 3.6M views on Youtube – Football fans sometimes or, let’s be honest, want to tell the players what to do and have them actually listen. Alex Bank played on this behavior in a light ad starring Mohamed Salah and featuring appearances from Jordan Henderson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

6. Unionaire

With 5.7M views, Union Air’s ad comes 6th on the list of the most-watched and resonated ads in Ramadan 2021. The ad features Sherine’s voice in an uplifting song, starring Ahmed Dash, Asser Yasin, Esad Younis, Mostafa Fahmy and more has become a favorite of many people.

5. Coca Cola Egypt

Coca-Cola decided to come in and capitalize on our heartstrings with an ad that centers on one of Ramadan’s true tenets — our shared humanity and our closeness. The ad gained more than 12M views on Youtube.

4. Bank Misr

Bank Misr’s ad for Ramadan 2021 gained more than 35M views on Youtube – Features Mohamoud Esseily’s voice in an enthusiastic song to inspire people to be confident, strong, and keep going regardless of challenges.

3. Orange Egypt

Personal opinion? This is the best ad in Ramadan 2021 by far. Hussein Al Jasmi’s song for Orange racked up 33M views on Youtube and resonated big with Egyptians and Arabs. If you are an Egyptian who lives abroad or an Arab who visited Egypt before, you will relate, this song takes your heart and mind to a deep nostalgic level.

As always, the Orange brand knows how to win in Ramadan.

2. Etisalat Egypt

With more than 40M views, Etisalat’s ad featuring Nancy Ajram and Amir Karara comes second on the list of most-watched ads on Youtube in Ramadan 2021 in Egypt. Etisalat promotes its new network as the strongest in Egypt.

1. Vodafone Egypt

Ramadan 2021’s surprise, by all means, Sherihan’s return to the screen was a surprise for all the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and even ’90s generations. Vodafone Egypt’s ad ranked #1 on the most-watched and resonated ads list in Ramadan 2021 with 62M views on Youtube alone.

It monopolized conversations, we talked about nothing else except the ad and it makes perfect sense because, honestly, who doesn’t love Sherihan?

Vodafone Egypt’s ad features Sherihan’s story from the get-go till her return in a smart way.

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