Zed Ramadan Ad 2022 Brings More Celebrities, Promotes Happiness

Zed has released its Ramadan 2022 brand campaign showing how happiness is everywhere at its new properties, the ad has featured a number of Egyptian and Arab celebrities.

The campaign’s video is starring nine celebrities in the fields of cinema, music, and sports. Actress Nelly Kareem, Yousra, Mais Hamdan, Joelle Mardinian, Huda El Mufti, Asmaa Galal, footballer Emad Meteb, actor Ahmed Dash, singer Tamer Hosny, and for the first time in Ramadan, the Lebanese singer Elissa.

Last Ramadan, Zed brought another set of celebrities, the ad’s song sparked a frenzy in Egypt as everyone on social media and off it, used the song’s lyrics in their daily meme.

Zed’s ad gained more than three million views so far on Youtube and counting.

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