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Twitter and El Gouna Film Festival partner to broadcast live moments from the event’s first edition

El gouna film festival partners with Twitter
Image: El gouna film festival

Twitter announced today a partnership with El Gouna Film Festival (@ElGounaFilm), which is set to take place from September 22-29 in El Gouna Red Sea, Egypt. To the delight of those unable to attend the event, the collaboration will include a live broadcast of both the inaugural and closing ceremonies of the festival in high quality through the Twitter and Periscope account of @ElGounaFilm. In addition, Twitter will host interviews with celebrities on the #TwitterBoat in an interactive and amusing way, allowing them to engage directly with fans via video Tweets.

Twitter will present a special screening of the red carpet during both the opening and closing ceremonies. In addition, fans will be able to view and engage with exclusive photos, videos and innovative content in the form of Moments; a collection of Tweets combined into one story, and 360 videos, to give an immersive experience of the venue directly from the @ElGounaFilm Twitter account.

Furthermore, the Festival’s venue will include a real-life physical #TwitterBoat in the resort town, also hosted by @KhalidMans and @ShadiAlfons, to welcome celebrities for live interviews,, providing valuable, fun and unique experiences for their audience to engage with. In the boat, fans can ask their favorite stars any question by Tweeting with a specific hashtag that will be shared on @ElGounaFilm. The celebrities then respond in real time through video Tweets from the @ElGounaFilm Twitter account. Moreover, celebrities will be capturing creative videos, GIF’s and photos of themselves through a Twitter Mirror during their interviews.

Commenting on this partnership, Kinda Ibrahim, Director of Media Partnerships for Twitter in the Middle East and North Africa, said: “This festival will bring together celebrities from around the world to celebrate cultural cinema, and through Twitter and Periscope, attendees will be able to engage with their fans directly and share unique moments as the event is happening.”

Amr Mansi, CEO and Co-founder of El Gouna Film Festival, added: “Twitter has become an important platform for celebrities and movie enthusiasts across the globe to come together and share their passion for cinema. We’re excited to be partnering with Twitter for our first edition, and look forward to sharing the festival experience with our followers around the world.”

To learn more about the El Gouna Film Festival, or keep up to date on live events, follow @ElGounaFilm and #GFF on Twitter.

Get ready for Creative Industry’s 3rd Ramadan Edition: Everything you need to know

Creative Industry Ramadan 2017: Everything you need to know

Creative Industry Ramadan edition of this year will take place on the Tuesday, September 19 at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel Cairo. This energetic one-day event brings together the bigwigs of the creative industry including drama producers, media buying agencies, marketing managers, brand managers, digital experts, leading creative experts and top creative directors.

In the three years that have passed, Creative Industry events have managed to bring together the top business innovation leaders, creative agencies, and brands to the yearly Ramadan Edition event. These great minds come to share insights and reflect on the drama works, digital and advertising of the Ramadan season.

Why You Should Attend This Year’s Ramadan Edition (2017)

The Ramadan Event is the only place you get to network with the agencies, clients, and teams that worked on the series and ads you keenly followed the entire season. It is also the only event where you get to reflect and learn from the insights of digital, drama works, and advertising of Ramadan.

Who is the Event For?

The Ramadan Edition event is for people to talk, think, hear, interact with one another, and see creative. The event is basically for the:

  • Individuals who seek careers in the creative industry
  • Public relations agencies
  • Media professionals
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Advertising and creative professionals

Who Will You Meet in the Ramadan Edition 2017?

Panelists and speaker’s line-up will be represented by all the Ramadan’s season stakeholders featuring well-known top creative executives, brand managers, creative directors, marketing managers, digital experts, drama producers, TV channel managers, actors, and media-buying agencies, among others.

The speakers of Ramadan edition include:

  1. Naureen Mohammed, Head of Brand Advertising MENA and Pakistan, Facebook
  2. Sahar El Zoghby, Managing Director, FP7/CAI
  3. Shady A. Naga, Head of Digital, MBC Group
  4. Lamia Naguib, Media Manager Mashreq & Maghreb, Unilever
  5. Hany Shoukry, Chairman & CEO, JWT Cairo
  6. Rania Hafez, Managing Director, OMD Egypt
  7. Mohamed Hammady, Creative Partner, glu
  8. Reham El Sawy, Managing Director, Mindshare Cairo
  9. Ihab Gohar, President, Mediair Medi
  10. Adham Roushdy, Partner, Advantage Advertising
  11. Amina Khalil, Egyptian Actress
  12. Kamla Abu Zekri, Director
  13. Kareem El Adl, Director

The Event Features Three Panel Discussions:

1. Market and Media Scene Challenges Panel
Featuring:  JWT Cairo, OMD Egypt, Mindshare Cairo, Advantage Advertising, Results Media Services, PAM Media Services, and Mediair Media
2. The Art of Music Composition Panel
Featuring: Khaled Hammad, Tamer Karawan, Ahmed Tarek Yehia, and Hesham Nazih
3. Ramadan Preparations: What Goes into Making a Hit Series?
Featuring: Kamla Abu Zekri, Tamer Mohsen, Kareem El Adl, Hussein El Mennabawi, Hesham Fathy, and Ahmed Khaled

(All the event speakers and the agenda are listed in this link www.creativeindmena.com/events/attend)


The late registration fee for the Ramadan Edition 2017 pass is at EGP1,000. The passes will cover access to all panel discussions, talk’s, coffee and lunch breaks for the event at the Nile Plaza Four Seasons Hotel.

To register, please visit this link: www.creaetiveindmena.com/events/attend

A look into Apple’s iPhone X Marketing Strategies

A look into Apple's iPhone X Marketing Strategies, iPhone X, apple marketing strategies, apple iPhone X, apple watch series 3, iOS 11

The tech baron announced three new iPhones and an Apple watch. As though that was not enough to draw attention, the company employed advertising techniques that have not been used before in smartphones.

The iPhone X ads

The iPhone X ad has taken the internet by storm. The ad is a fusion of so many elements; showcasing the phone’s features that appeal to current users while at the same time maintaining delivering sleek graphics that captivate current audiences.

A lot of strategies are manifested in the 38-second video, as well as the longer video that showcases its features.

The short, colorful liquid video is in many ways similar to the videos that are currently trending on Instagram and even being used by musicians as background shots in music videos and concerts. The long video focuses on the specific features such as facial recognition and live modifiable emojis that would interest the young population which forms a bulk of its customer base.

Meet iPhone X’ Campaign

Though not a totally new concept, this video takes the crown. The 1min 38sec video brings the device to life with the various shots of guys making emojis dance to Sofi Tukker’s Best Friend’ soundtrack. There’s no better way of showcasing a product than showing it in use. This is a principle Apple fulfilled in the video.

Transcending age, races and ethnicities

This is another big selling point of the ads. There is no single race or ethnicity that is overrepresented in the iPhone X ad. People from across all continents feature in it, giving the brand a global look. This may, in fact, be the reason why the video is trending in almost all countries, despite iPhones being less popular in most of them.

The Dear Apple’s campaign

Though this is an Apple watch ad, I just have to mention it because it has played a great part in the overall success of this week’s Apple campaign. The use of testimonials of satisfied users to market makes customers identify with the product. Unlike the celebrity endorsement and expert opinions approaches used by many advertisers, this man-on-the-street technique showcased how the product impacted on various users lives. For sure, this is hands down one of the best marketing technique employed by the company.

Despite the ups and downs faced by Apple, the company never seizes to amaze when it comes to marketing. The ability to announce three new products and still manage to draw attention to each single device attests to the company’s advertising muscle. One could argue that the drastic move by the company called for equally moving ads, but we still have to hand it to them this time. We could definitely learn a thing or two from this.

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5 Marketing Tips by Tamer Alphonse from Google

5 Marketing Tips by Tamer Alphonse from Google

Tamer Alphonse from Google is one of the keynote speakers at the third edition of the Marketing Kingdom Cairo, Egypt’s biggest gathering of international marketing professionals, taking place from 15-16 October at the Dusit Thani LakeView Hotel in Cairo.

Tamer Alphonse joined Google in 2011 to overlook the Banking and the Tech industry in Egypt.  He currently lives in Dubai and is focused on growing the Digital ecosystem by working closely with the Telecom Players in the region.

We recently sat down with Tamer and asked him to share 5 marketing tips for his Egyptian colleagues. Here they are:

  1. Be Data Driven: Use customers data from Analytics to shape marketing strategies.
  2. Be Mobile First: Mobile is crucial in the consumer journey today and Marketers must build the right mobile strategy to capture this opportunity.
  3. Be personal: Customize the marketing message to consumers to drive more business impact.
  4. Be Always On: Consumers live online today and marketers have to always be available to the consumers across the journey.
  5. Focus on Video content:  Online video is growing massively and marketers have to tailor videos with the the mind of Digital first to capture consumers’ attention.

To hear more from Tamer plus 20 marketing professionals from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, DMS, and IBM make sure you get your tickets for the third edition of the Marketing Kingdom Cairo on the event’s official website: http://www.thepworld.com/event/marketing-kingdom-cairo-3-conference-awards

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