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7 Effective Ways to Promote your Mobile App for Free

One of the biggest challenges faced by tech startups is mobile app discovery. With around 270 billion apps projected to be downloaded in 2017 (up from 228 billion in 2016), it’s not difficult to see how your app might get lost in this vast ocean of available applications. Since using ad networks might be a challenge for the budget-conscious startups, here are other marketing options that might be more effective yet free/affordable.

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1. Build a website for your app

This has to be a key pillar to your digital marketing strategy. A website or a microsite will act as the landing page for your app through search results on various search engines. This is where all the stakeholders will come to get more information about your app and also download it. You can use it as a platform to provide more detailed literature about how the app can be useful in their lives.

2. Cast a wider net when it comes to app store distribution

While iOS’s iTunes and Google Play Store are the biggest players in the game, there are more than just these two platforms when it comes to app stores available online. Cast your net wider than just promoting on these two platforms. Launch across all possible app stores to increase your downloads. For example, Amazon App Store, Yandex, Chinese giant Baidu1Mobile, Appszoom and more.

3. Optimize for the various app stores

Even as you cast your net across all possible app stores, be sure to optimize your app design and visual assets for those particular stores. Is your app store logo or favicon as clear as it can be? Is it eye-catching? What about your app description, is it clear enough?

Try out a few logos through A/B testing and see which ones deliver the best results.

You could also use your best screen grabs to sell your app across various platforms. Try using video content if it applies to your app.

4. Keyword optimization in app stores is crucial

It is far better to appear in the top 5 search results for a specific key phrase than to be within the top 100 of generic keywords. The more specific you can get, the better. This will boost your organic search visibility as well as ranking. Try using some premium app store optimization tools like apptamin or App Annie to get the best possible keyword combinations.

5. Promote yourself through cross promotion communities

Although ad networks are a proven way of getting new users, it is possible that you might have the budget for it. In that case, the next best thing would be to explore free cross promotion networks such as Tapdaq, Tapdaq and Everyplay. These are communities of app developers who do not mind exchanging users or ads for free.

6. Set up a creative, engaged and highly targeted PR strategy

Blog posts, running a development community, conducting interviews with influencer channels and documenting your step-by-step development process are all ways through which you can generate a connection with your targeted market. Using influencers to put the word out about your app is one of the best ways to get users to download it. You can easily do this by inviting top influencer to test and review your app. If you have done a good job, they will rave about it to their readers.

7. Brag about your achievements

By entering business and consumer award programs such as Facebook App of the year you will have a chance to rave and brag about your success. This gives you the respect and recognition that you need as a developer and that alone could be the key to unlocking more downloads. It is certainly a very good way to getting various authority platforms to write about you and your app. There’re many app challenges and competition, go win them.

All it takes is a little creativity and a whole lot of work. Implementing these seven strategies to get your app recognized and downloaded will give you an added advantage even without the big promotion budget.

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