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Most Effective Ways To Free Up Disk Space On Your Mac

Macs are incredible help both in work and entertainment. Many artists choose to use a Mac because of its amazing capabilities that are growing each year. And it is also important to notice that Macs’ design gets better and better each year, which is a part of their style and fashion.

But on the other hand, it does not matter if you have a cheap notepad or the newest Mac – if you do not take care of it, it will not perform well. Especially Macs – they are not constructed to hold huge amounts of files and can easily fill up if you do not clean your Mac occasionally.

So to take better care of your precious Mac, you can read some mac cleaner reviews, and if you want even more tips about how to clean it up, you can find them in the article below.

Remove Language Files

Mac apps usually come with a huge pack of languages that they support. But it is most likely that you only use up to three languages when you are using your computer. Therefore, it would be smart to remove the ones you don’t use at all, especially if you are using a MacBook air of 64 GB – in that case, extra storage space is always valuable and much needed. To remove these files, it is easiest to use specialized software.

Remove Apps You Do Not Use

We all indeed have apps we never use – or maybe we haven’t even opened them before. It is easy to get lost track of how many apps you have, how much space they take up. Until something unpleasant happens. For example, as you might know, apps are always creating additional files to store data. Therefore, if your memory is full, one day, you might face a big issue when you can no longer save your files.

The smartest thing to do is make an occasional overview of apps that you have on your Mac. And if you want to know how much storage space your apps are using, you can easily access this information. To do so, click on the Apple icon in the left corner, select the option called About This Mac, and choose the Storage Tab when you see a pop-up window. Wait until Mac calculates all the data, and you will be able to easily see what type of files of apps take up the most of your storage.

Remove Files You Do Not NeedMost Effective Ways To Free Up Disk Space On Your Mac

As it is with apps, the same thing often happens with files. It is smart to do an occasional overview of the files on your computer. This is especially effective if you have recently graduated and have a lot of studying material on your Mac. Please go through it and make sure you get rid of anything you no longer need.

Start Using A Cloud Service

Most Effective Ways To Free Up Disk Space On Your Mac

If you have an issue with deleting files on your computer because of the sentimental attachment, for example, if you have tons of pictures and videos from your vacations, you do not need to force yourself and delete them. Just consider trying out a cloud service like Google Drive or DropBox. Read dome reviews on the internet and choose the one you like. Currently, DropBox is giving you free storage of 2 GB that you can upgrade at any time.

Another advantage of using a cloud service is that it is straightforward to access the files. Basically, you can open them from anywhere where you have an internet connection, and it is also straightforward to share the files with friends, colleagues, and family. For example, if you went on a hiking trip with your friends, you can upload all the pictures and videos to the cloud and share a link with them – they will be able to contribute, view, or download the files.

Buy An External Hard-Drive

On the other hand, if you are using those files for your work and need constant access to them and are unsure if you will always be connected to the internet, you might want to invest in an external hard-drive. These days they are quite small, even though some have huge storage space.

But if you really like the cloud service idea, you can create an internet hotspot for your Mac at those moments when you do not have an internet connection but want to access your files. Just have in mind that creating a hotspot with your phone might drain your phone’s battery very quickly. So you should download the files you need and turn off the hotspot after.

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