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Sidekick browser makes work apps more comfortable to access

Sidekick is an alternative web browser that makes work apps more comfortable to access. It offers a left-hand sidebar, where you can pin icons of your work services in the sidebar, even if they are web services that do not have apps.

It’s an app dock for your browser that lets you load your favorite sites without having to open them as browser tabs.

The Sidekick browser is based on Chromium, the same open-source code that Google uses for Chrome, so it also supports all the same browser extensions.

ProductHunt featured Sidekick as the product of the day last week.

After installing Sidekick, you can add new apps by hitting the “+” icon in the sidebar. To make the sidebar smaller to fit more apps on the screen, click the gear icon, then adjust the “sidebar size” slider.

Sidekick browser
Sidekick browser

Sidekick also uses your browser history to provide shortcuts within each web app. Right-clicking the Google Sheets icon, for instance, brings up a list of recent Sheets to open. Right-clicking on Twitter lets you jump into a specific username or page you’ve already viewed before. And for those websites you do open as browser tabs, Sidekick will remember them, so you can close the browser without losing your progress.

Sidekick is free to use, but an $8-per-month Pro subscription is required if you want to have multiple workspaces with their app docks, such as personal apps and another for work.

The browser allows you to block ads for all or specific websites; it also suspends unused tabs to save your machine’s memory, so no more heating ups like Chrome or other browsers.

It has a built-in Notes system, so you can easily carry and save it into your browser for easy access whenever you want to take a note.

What differentiates Sidekick?

Today, anyone’s work and personal life is a fight between browser tabs. Staying organized gets out of control with multiple windows, tabs, and pop-ups which, let’s face it, kills the battery and does nothing but distractions. We love that SideKick doesn’t refresh tabs you haven’t been using or looking at, minimizing CPU usage and keeping your desktop focused. Who doesn’t need that?

Block trackers

Sidekick doesn’t have an ad-based business model so that we can block ads and trackers without compromise.

AI-based tab suspension

Sidekick saves memory by automatically suspending tabs that you don’t need at the moment.

Improved tab memory management

Sidekick uses significantly less memory when you work with similar tabs.

Destroy tab clutter with Sessions

Stop wasting time with bookmarks. As you work, Sidekick automatically saves your open tabs as a session. You can quickly start a new session from our side panel or open all the saved session tabs.

Call upon Sidekick’s built-in search bar with a single shortcut. Search across all your apps, tabs, and workspaces in seconds. Never fumble through your browser history again.

And many more useful features for better productivity.

One look at the list of companies currently using Sidekick shows where they’re headed, from Slack to Facebook and Microsoft. This is quickly becoming a digital guru’s batman.

Also, this article was researched, written, and published using Sidekick. We are feeling the love at Digital Boom.

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