Socialbakers analytics now has an iOS App

Socialbakers released an iOS app for its analytics platform to help marketers access the most important stats and get updates about their businesses on the go.

If you are a licensed Socialbakers analytics user, download the Socialbakers app.

With a simple touch of your iPhone, you can instantly follow and analyze social media stats and generate some of their widespread Executive Reports anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, watch competitors’ performance on the go over a wide variety of metrics, such as:

  • Fan Growth
  • Admin Page Posts
  • Most Engaging Post Times and Types
  • Interactions (for Fans and Posts)
  • Response Rate
  • As well as a list of your most engaging posts!

Along with this, Socialbakers Analytics App comes with a wide variety of almost 300 premade benchmarks for your industry and region–or, be enterprising and create your custom benchmark. The Socialbakers Analytics app is available to any licensed client using Analytics.

Socialbakers Analytics App for iOS

Want to check up on your brand’s social performance on the go? Well, now you can with the new mobile version of Socialbakers Executive Reports! With one touch, generate reports directly on your smartphone to show your co-workers or boss.

Benchmark your page against any individual page in your package or between almost 300 preset benchmarks. The new Socialbakers Executive Reports app comes with graphs, metrics, and top-performing posts, all packaged in a sleek, intuitive design.