TETHER, TVTAG mobile apps bring ‘never seen before’ user experience to mobile media

Cairo, Dubai – Out of the turmoil and challenging times that Egypt went through post its revolution in 2011 and at a time where the Egyptian government is looking at the private sector to showcase its innovation and resilience.  Incubated by serial entrepreneur Moustapha Sarhank, MediaWave Egypt for Technology Solutions after several years in stealth mode, has announced the introduction of its new proprietary MediaWave Digital Platform.

With one US and 2 European patents under its belt, the platform offers a unique suite of mobile applications and customized digital solutions aimed to consolidate, innovate, transform and enhance specific user experiences in the media interactivity and content consumption category worldwide.

MediaWave Digital Platform is established by ITAGIT Technologies, the company offers a unique suite of mobile applications and digital features dedicated to facilitating “mobile based real-time content monetization” – serving the media interactivity and content consumption global market category. Itagit technologies connects to all media forms –  IP / radio / TV / Live venues, identifies and recognizes content aired on the fly, processes realtime content requests by consumers (tags) and facilitates the delivery of this content.

The MediaWave Digital Platform, developed and operated from the Cairo Office, offers TETHER & TVTAG mobile applications on both the Android and iOS platforms. Each app directly focused on a key market segment within the overall media / content consumption market category. TETHER targets the fragmented music discovery market and TVTAG is aimed at the passive TV consumption market opportunity.

“We have faced some considerable obstacles and challenges over the years, but it was the dedication, hard work and relentless pursuit of the vision along with our rock steady faith that has resulted in bringing these new innovative technologies from idea to reality. We are very excited to showcase the depth of these applications to the world and solidify Egypt as a “technology Innovator”. Said Moustapha Sarhank, Chairman of itagit technologies.


Tether music discovery app is available on iTunes and Google Play.



TVTAG app is available on iTunes and Google Play.


Today, The MediaWave Digital Platform enjoys many features all geared towards connecting consumers with their favorite content in realtime. We integrate with media sources; radio, TV and live events, carry out real-time content processing and recognition using multiple engines and deliver the relevant content to users in realtime.

“Consumers seek choice, they want the freedom that mobility promises, they want innovative mobile apps that are intuitive and merge seamlessly with their existing behaviors, enhancing their experiences and enriching their lives.. Consumers want apps that are personalized, giving them the power to choose what they want to do with the content they are seeing, hearing or experiencing across all media sources whether radio, TV or any LIVE venue.” Said Adham Maghraby – Founder & CEO of itagit technologies

This MediaWave Platform is able to “know” what specific content was tagged off “which” particular media source by “whom” and delivers it to the user instantly. In essence, we transform any media source from a “passive” point of content exposure to becoming “sensitive” to real-time mobile content tagging by users.

In Jan 2016, MediaWave enjoyed its first successful fund raising round. Mrs. Shahira Zeid, Vice Chairman and CEO of MZ Investments invested more than $500,000 at a pre-money valuation of more than $7M becoming a board member of itagit technologies. Mrs. Zeid is the recipient of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award for Middle East and North Africa and was named by Forbes as one of the most powerful 100 Arab businesswomen in 2016.

Under a new corporate structure. Itagit Technologies FZ-LLC was incorporated in Dubai Internet City, to drive regional growth, it acquired 100% of MediaWave Egypt for Technology Solutions, keeping it as the technical core of the company, responsible for the development, and operation of the platform and mobile apps.

It is refreshing to see such innovation coming out of this part of the world, the team at itagit technologies have a vivid vision of the future of mobile media. They are doing some exciting things to help users enjoy digital content. It is a pleasure to be a board member and witness the exciting things this technology brings to the market. Said Mrs. Shahira Zeid – Board Member, itagit technologies.

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