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What is Twitter Dashboard and How Can Brands Utilize It?

We’ve talked before on how conversational Twitter is, and how brands can join and create more conversation using Twitter Conversational Cards, that being said, for many brands; keeping up with the conversation can be costly job if you really serious about doing proper social listening.

On June 18, 2016 Twitter introduced a new web tool & mobile application called “Twitter Dashboard” that can be a free solution for your social listening tasks.

What is Twitter Dashboard?

Dashboard by Twitter is a free app/website from Twitter itself, to stay on top on your brand’s mentions as well as your competitions’ as well. Dashboard also help brands connect with their customers in seamless way.

Many marketers haven’t used it yet due to the fact that the application part of it is available only for US and on iOS devices only.

Dashboard has three main objectives

  • To help brands engage with their audiences by creating custom feeds by tracking / listening to keywords that are related to the brand itself. That kind of tracking / listening will display the right content for your brand with priority so brands can always stay connected with what matters to them.
  • Help brands easily schedule tweets using their powerful draft system and scheduling calendar
  • Help brands with tweet ideas, Dashboard will actually provide tips and ideas right next to the composing tweet box

It is not just an application

Dashboard is more than just an application, in fact, the important part of it is done over a website – the configuration part-

Before you install the application on your mobile device, you need to head to Dashboard Website to configure your brand’s type, number of employees, search keywords and mentions, as well as your competitions’

Getting started

As soon as you head over to dashboard website, you will be asked to login to your twitter account – click the try Twitter Dashboard to get started

Once logged in; you then will be asked to setup you ONE TIME account info – NOTE: this cannot be edited, so be very careful with what you select

Select your brand’s category and number of employees your brand have then hit next

As soon as you setup your brand’s category, you can now setup the “About You” section

The ‘about you’ section

Is basically the custom feed we talked about earlier, a timeline with all mentions of your brand’s name and mentions or anything that is related to your brand

Editing your custom feed

For example; I’ve added list of keywords that mentions my name and the hashtag I usually use

You can also add keywords that you don’t want to appear on that custom feed by filling the lower line (What’s not related to your business?)

Once you’re ready, hit the save feed button on the top right and you will be redirected to your custom feed showing all keywords related to your brand

Scheduling tweets

Tweeting in the right time have always been a very important factor in the success of your brand on Twitter – many tools provides such service, like buffer and hootsuite, but my personal favorite has always been Twitter’s own advertising dashboard. With the new Dashboard app, you can easily schedule tweets from both desktop or mobile (iOS)

Tips and help from Twitter directly

Dashboard will suggest tips and help as well as tweet ideas based on the selection you made while setting up the account

Twitter Dashboard mobile App

Now that you’ve setup everything on desktop, you can now download the mobile application to “really” stay connected with your customers

The application is available only on iOS for now, and also you need to have “US” based account to be able to install it.

How can brands use Twitter Dashboard effectively? 

Dashboard app comes with very important feature (I personally think it’s amazing) – an on-the-go analytics dashboard for brand’s engagement and account performance.

Measuring performance

With this analytics section – brands can always stay on top of what they have shared and how well are they performing in terms of tweet numbers, media shared, profile visits and tweet impressions as well.

The analytics periods are changeable, so you can review what your brand have been sharing recently or go as far as two months back.

Brand engagement on Twitter (Tweets Performance)

This section gives your brand a quick overview of your tweets engagement, you can always click the Tweet Activity Icon for more detailed data

Wrap up

Use the FREE and POWERFUL Twitter Dashboard to stay on top of your social mentions on Twitter.

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