Case Study: Juhayna Cheering for Egyptian Mothers

Drawing a smile on viewers’ faces, Juhayna ’s television advertising campaign was able to capture life’s best and most cherished moments. The Television Copy (TVC)...

Egyptian MOI Developing A Social Media Tool

The Egyptian MOI has announced that they will be monitoring the internet in Egypt, and especially the social networks like Facebook, twitter, and youtube...
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Kebdet El Prince Crisis Management Role Model

So many brands in the world become scared when it comes to crisis online "especially on social media", actually, they are afraid of their...
Exclusive: Chelsea hires 'Kijamii', a Cairo-based digital agency to manage business in the Middle East

Exclusive: Chelsea hires ‘Kijamii’, a Cairo-based digital agency to manage business in the Middle...

Chelsea has hired Kijamii, a Cairo-based digital media agency following the explosive growth rate of Egyptians invading the club's Facebook page after Mo Salah's move...
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Chelsea Facebook Page, Other Big Four in Egypt

Egyptians on English Premier League's Big Four Clubs

Sherine Ana Keteer Album – Social Media Review

A Digital Boom On 15th of Jan, Sherine has launched her new album "Ana Keteer"

Facebook New Feature Trending Is Now OUT!

Facebook has announced the release of their Facebook new feature Trending.

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