Mumm Engages Egypt’s Work Community, Spreads Gratitude

Encouraging a wave of positivity in workplaces across Egypt, Mumm, the homemade food platform, initiated a unique campaign urging employees to share photos of their inspirational colleagues using the hashtag #El_Mf7ot (The Dedicated). The incentive? Free homemade meal prizes for the most liked photo each week.

Mumm’s latest marketing endeavor goes beyond the conventional, aiming to foster a sense of appreciation and gratitude within Egypt’s professional community. In a departure from self-centered promotions, Mumm called on consumers to celebrate and acknowledge those deserving of recognition.

Mumm’s Campaign Sparks Social Media Frenzy

The campaign’s Facebook hashtag became a hub of heartwarming stories, with fans sharing anecdotes about their colleagues and even family members. Since its launch, the campaign has garnered an impressive 8K engagements, reflecting the success of its unconventional approach.

This campaign not only resonates with Mumm’s commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture but also sets a refreshing precedent for other brands. We anticipate more creative initiatives and campaigns that prioritize gratitude and consideration from brands in the future. Cheers to Mumm for paving the way towards a more appreciative and connected professional community in Egypt!

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