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Case Study: La Poire Wins Socially Distanced Ramadan

Tarek Nour Communications (TNC) released a short and sweet case study on their Ramadan 2020 Campaign for La Poire, and we believe it is marketing gold.

In the two-minute case study published on Youtube, TNC demonstrated the change in Egyptians’ lifestyle this Ramadan for almost everything due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but, for a famous 45-year-old patisserie brand in a country fascinated by Ramadan desserts and is keen on sharing them in close-knit family gatherings even during the pandemic.

In a COVID-19 weary era, selling Ramadan desserts posed a severe challenge. Only family gatherings were limited, and a lockdown was killing the vibe. But we can always rely on TV to remain a Ramadan Fixture.

TNC resorted to Nostalgia mixed with humor in a series of social posts with little to no media spending to remind Egyptians of timeless TV series dubbed in catchy fun conversations about La Poire’s Ramadan Desserts.

Viewers were laughing, and more importantly, they were engaged.

The concise videos became an instant viral hit on Social Media, with views totaling 5.1 Million. Users were commenting, sharing, tick-tocking it, and just laughing at a time of uncertainty and face masks.

According to TNC, La Poire, a proper household name of everything sweet in Egypt, increased its sales by 50% nationwide. The campaign further established the brand’s place as Egypt’s dessert sweetheart.

Why is this marketing gold?

1. Little to No Media Spend

TNC didn’t need to spend money on buying ad slots or employ digital advertising. It didn’t interrupt every Youtube video, but the content proved to catch the attention of customers.

2. Celebrities without the big paycheck

Every Ramadan, it became customary to see the odd post about how much each celebrity gets paid for a Ramadan campaign. This time the production, while featuring stars like Mahmoud Abd El Aziz (RIP) and Raghda, didn’t necessarily need the big paycheck. They just recycled some of Egypt’s all-time favorite Ramadan TV shows from the 1980s and 1990s.

3. Nostalgia doesn’t have to be sad

Contrary to several other campaigns, this one proved to be nostalgic about times long gone doesn’t mean one should be sad or remorseful. Instead, remembering the good old days can still happen with a big grin on your face.

4. UGC is the future

We don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like when brands “talk” to you, it stops being fun and becomes more like a lecture about how cool they are. Enter User Generated Content, which prompts each one of us to feel like they are part of an immense universal feeling that they MUST interact with.

It is fun for the user and becomes free traffic for the brand. In essence, we all become brand ambassadors for the brand without the hefty influencer price-tag and with much bigger reach than anyone.

5. We all need to learn

TNC publishing a short case study is the right step in demonstrating to budding marketers and creatives, and releasing case studies is each creative’s way of teaching others. The community becomes more knowledgeable, more creative, and, more importantly, more determined to produce, learn, and educate others.

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