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Frico Egypt Accused of Plagiarism Over Mother’s Day Visual

Frico Egypt has been accused of plagiarizing the visual for its Mother’s Day greeting, a digital agency have drawn similarities between Frico’s recent Mother’s Day greeting and the work done by the cheese manufacturer Old Amsterdam Egypt.

“We found that Frico Egypt are copy-pasting the same visual in the Mother’s Day greeting post on Facebook page, which we already used five hours earlier” said a digital agency in an e-mail to Digital Boom.

The cheese manufacturer “Frico” published a branded Mother’s Day greeting post on Facebook 4:00 PM CLT, March 21, which Old Amsterdam Egypt claims that the same visual was published five hours earlier.

Frico Egypt VS Old Amsterdam Egypt

Meanwhile, we’ve researched the creative piece and discovered that it’s a paid photography on Shutter-stock – however, that doesn’t spoil the plagiarism claims, because it’s simply the same industry players using the same creative piece on the same occasion, a coincidence?

Frico has yet to respond to this claim.

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