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Juventus Selfie Contest a Success Story

With the growing success of Juventus social media team they did strike with their Juventus selfie contest having more than 45,000 selfies into the club from around the world counting 15,000 selfies a week.

Juventus selfie contest is a unique smart approach

14 Jan, 2015, Juventus asked fans to send selfies using the Juventus Live app, Check the contest announcement. The winning once will be displayed on the LED screens on the pitch side during AC Milan game on 7th of Feb.

Juventus brought true experience to the fans making them part of the game

In order to encourage fans to download and use Juventus Live app, in addition to delivering a whole new experience to Juve fans around the world and engage them in a new way to part of the game, also that will create a buzz on social networks, especially on Facebook by making people vote and share their selfies.

Social media viral reach #JuveSelfie

After approving the selfies, they were put to a vote on Juventus Facebook page so that the selfies that generate the most likes, comments and shares were to be shown on the screen during the first 5 minutes in the first and second half.

+45K Selfies were uploaded, and sent to the Facebook app for voting:

JuveSelfie Contest on Facebook

Check out fans’ selfies surrounding the pitch on LED screens.

Fans’ Selfies on LED screens surrounding the pitch #JuveSelfie
Fans’ selfies surrounding the pitch on LED screens #JuveSelfies via Juventus Facebook page

Juventus Live app #JuveSelfie Contest Successful Story

Juventus celebrated the successful contest with fans, as first of its kind in football history, watch the video.

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