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What about the ‘Whataboutz’?

Every year the Oscars ceremony provides us with interesting material to talk about and share over social media platforms, in 2015 it was the famous Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie that smashed all Twitter records.

This year it appeared that Leonardo Di Caprio finally winning in the Oscars was going to be the topic of choice until an Egyptian journalist popped the infamous question “What about your first Oscar for you!?”

Suddenly everybody was talking about this, both locally and internationally, even Google would autocomplete the question once you typed “What…” and of course brands were fast to jump in on the topic and try to creatively make use of something every one is talking about.

Here is a roundup of some brands who joined the trend over social media, tell us what you think of them? Do you agree with this type of trend-jacking or not? and do you know of any other brands that joined the trend?:

‘Whataboutz’ some news-jacking examples?

Jumia Egypt Mince The Automobilers Mori Sushi Big Cola Birell Sawa4

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