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Dorra Endorses Juhayna Pure’s Pomegranate

Dorra Endorses Juhayna Pure’s Pomegranate

Tunisian actress Dorra Zarouk joined Juhayna Pure as a brand ambassador, making her appearance at the kick-off event of the new Pomegranate flavor. “Proud to...
Egyptian celebrities who joined Twitter in 2016

Egyptian celebrities who joined Twitter in 2016

As the year draws to an end, Twitter compiled a list of the Egyptian celebrities who joined the platform this year. From film and...

Spotlight on Egyptian Journalist Osama Tolba

Osama Tolba is a Digital Media professional and a Managing Editor with a number of online magazines. Osama continued his academic studies in the Comerce and Technology...
FilGoal Brings Hossam Ghali to Twitter

FilGoal Brings Hossam Ghali to Twitter

Al Ahly Captain Hossam Ghali will tweet video responses to his fans questions on the hashtag #AskGhali, said FilGoal.com. How to shoot a question and get...
Here's why Muhammad Ali refused to serve in the US army

Here’s why Muhammad Ali refused to serve in the US army

A three-time world heavyweight champion and an Olympic gold-medallist, the legend Muhammad Ali has died Friday June 3, 2016, but his stances will remain to learn...
ahmed hossam mido to cut his hair

Mido to shave his hair live on TV after losing bet...

beIN sports analyst Ahmed Hossam Mido will shave his hair completely on Saturday live on TV after he lost the bet he made early this season that Leicester...
youtube reactivates amr diab

YouTube Reactivates Amr Diab’s Channel

The video-sharing website YouTube reactivated Amr Diab's channel few minutes ago after a sudden termination yesterday. It's still unclear why YouTube removed and reactivated the channel in less than...
YouTube Terminates Amr Diab Channel, Digital Boom, amr diab, youtube channel, rotana, terminate, close channel

Breaking News: YouTube Terminates Amr Diab Channel

Amr Diab's youtube channel has been terminated hours before the new album's release on April 28. The reason is still unclear, however, rumors refer to Rotana following...
sherine abdel wahab, sherine, egyptian sherine, sherine instagram, tearful photos instagram, digital boom

Sherine’s tearful photos backfired badly on social media

The Egyptian pop star Sherine Abdel-Wahab posted two tearful photos on Instagram & Facebook, asking for her fans' support and that she doesn't feel safe! The...
Naguib Sawiris, Syrian Refugees, Refugees

Naguib Sawiris Offers to Buy an Island for Refugees

The Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris has offered to buy an island in the Mediterranean from Italy or Greece, to help the Syrian refugees. https://twitter.com/NaguibSawiris/status/638753801655177217 https://twitter.com/NaguibSawiris/status/638754021470289920 In a phone call to...
omar sharif, digital boom, adigitalboom

Omar Sharif: Precious Moments in Pictures

July 10, 2015, Omar Sharif died at the age of 83, "He will be missed". We thought of reminding you with some of his international...

Learn How To Win Like Obama on Social Media

We might all remember how US President Obama proved the importance and power of Social Media in his 2008 presidential campaign against senator McCain. He...

The Creative Twitter Account of the British Ambassador

When I first noticed the tweets of Mr. John Casson, The British Ambassador to Egypt, he was addressing the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and referring to someone...
amr diab, digital boom, social media, payment, amr diab ads, diab vodafone, vodafone social mediavideo

Amr Diab Starring Western Union New TVC

The international money transfer giant "Western Union" kicked off a new TV Commercial, featuring the Egyptian legend Amr Diab's success story to build a new layer of credibility, trust...
dubai ruler, smart dubai

Dubai Ruler Tweets Ultimatum

Responsible leaders hold their governments accountable. Dubai Ruler set an example for Arab leaders on Twitter, giving his officials a 1-month ultimatum to finish the Smart Government...
Haifa Wehbe, digital boom

Haifa Wehbe Disable VEVO Dislikes and Comments Over Social Media Outrage

The Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe is one of the most notable singers in the Arab World, and is considered one of the most...
Sheryl Sandberg The Woman Behind Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg The Woman Behind Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg born August 28, 1969, is an American businesswoman, activist, and writer. As of August 2013, she is the chief operating officer of...

Yasmin Abd Elaziz is Officially Online | Quick Review

The famous Egyptian comedian actor Yasmin Abd Elaziz has finally decided to be on social networks

Officially Bassem Youssef Is BACK On MBC MASR

The phenomenal Bassem Youssef Is BACK On MBC MASR starting Friday, 7th of Feb.After it was stopped from airing on the famous Egyptian TV channel CBC, Bassem Youssef Bassem Youssef Is BACK On MBC MASR and it seems like a strong comeback!

Sherine Ana Keteer Album – Social Media Review

A Digital Boom On 15th of Jan, Sherine has launched her new album "Ana Keteer"
amr diab digital boom, amr diab, amr diab hacked, amrdiab

Amr Diab Was Hacked On Twitter!

Amr Diab's Facebook page has announced that his twitter account has been hijacked by anonymous and now tweeting political.

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