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Twitter research explores the neurology of video consumption

What makes people stop scrolling and start watching video on Twitter? New research reveals what it is that works best in a news-feed environment...
itagit technologies, TETHER & TVTAG mobile applications

TETHER, TVTAG mobile apps bring ‘never seen before’ user experience to mobile media

Cairo, Dubai – Out of the turmoil and challenging times that Egypt went through post its revolution in 2011 and at a time where...
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Google, Facebook ban fake news websites from advertising revenues, but is it enough?

Google said it's working on changes to stop websites making money via Adsense. Facebook announced it would not serve ads in apps or websites "containing...
Digital Managing Editor Mohamed Omar to Leave, Mohamed Omar, Digital Manager,, Sarmady, Digital Boom, editor in chief

Digital Managing Editor Mohamed Omar to Leave key project/product manager, digital managing editor Mohamed Omar is stepping down from his position after 3 successful years of expanding the user base of and...

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