Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018


itagit technologies, TETHER & TVTAG mobile applications

TETHER, TVTAG mobile apps bring ‘never seen before’ user experience to mobile media

Cairo, Dubai – Out of the turmoil and challenging times that Egypt went through post its revolution in 2011 and at a time where...
Coldplay in UAE, Coldplay Abu Dhabi, New Year's Eve

Confirmed: Coldplay will be live in Abu Dhabi this New Year’s Eve

Coldplay will play a gig on New Year’s Eve, Saturday, December 31 at du Arena on Yas Island as part of their A Head Full...
Evolution of Arabic Music

Evolution of Arabic Music in a 6-minute YouTube Video

A video on Youtube has gone viral in the Middle East to hit 2.7M views in three weeks. Featuring 42 of the most popular Arabic songs...
sharmoofers, zombie, social media, influencers, foodies, bloggers, fashionista

Sharmoofers new YouTube hit ‘Zombie’ mocks social media influencers

Zombies and social media influencer wannabes glued to their mobile screens is how Sharmoofers portrayed Egyptian youth in their new music video hit. Watch the...
Syrian Girl, Ghina, MBC The Voice Kids, Mbc, MBC Group, #MBCTHEVOICEKIDS, Kids, Syria, Sogn

Syrian Girl Moves Hearts at MBC The Voice Kids

In its first season, MBC The Voice Kids introduced a 9-year-old Syrian girl who moved our hearts while singing a song for children's rights in Syria. Ghina...
amr diab 2016, amr diab rotana, amr diab social media problem, amr diab contract

Rotana Clips Disappear From Amr Diab’s YouTube Channel

Egyptian pop star Amr Diab restricted the privacy of all his Rotana clips on Youtube following the termination of his contract with the music production...
Rami Rais, digital boom, adele arabic, adele drabuka, adelevideo

Adele’s Hello Gets An Oriental Flavor

Jordanian musician Rami Rais added an oriental flavor in his cover clip for Adele's new hit Hello, which generated 200 millions views in the first 10 days of its release,...
saad lemjarred, hussain al-jassmi, youtube arabic, youtube mena, youtube views, yourube stats arab

Saad Lemjarred Tops Arabic Music Videos on YouTube

LM3ALLEM by Saad lemjarred hits 121 million views on youtube in 3 months, to be the most watched Arabic song in all time! Comes next Boshret...
kijamii, digitalboom, soundcloud Egypt, soundcloud arabic, soundcloud egyptian, soundcloud

SoundCloud Launches Its Online Existence in Egypt

The famous digital audio platform Soundcloud has launched its page on Facebook in Arabic to users in Egypt, a step that is believed to...
xmas songs, shazam xmas, christmas songs

Top 10 Xmas Songs on Social Media This Year

End of year holidays have a special taste of everything, especially Christmas and new year songs, we would like to share with you the...
Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018

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