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Moodica Reminds You To Take A Break

A new website called "Moodica" broadcasts relaxing videos catered to your mood, it lets you escape anytime you need to de-stress and take your brain somewhere new. The service is available worldwide for free over web,...
Cannes Lions 2017, Cannes Lions Predictions: Less roaring, more bite

Cannes Lions 2017 Predictions: Less roaring, more bite

“Doing good” is for most brands (and agencies) like pissing in a wet suit. It feels nice and warm, but quickly begins to stink. Femvertising, gayvertising, goodvertising, causevertising or whatever you call it seems to...

Watch: Apple launches iPhone, Why Switch Campaign
WhatsApp Down

WhatsApp Down, ‘Unable to Connect’ for Millions of Users

WhatsApp went offline 9:00PM GMT for Millions of users across the globe as users reported inability to connect to the messaging app server. For over 60 minutes and counting, the company still didn't announce any estimated time...

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