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Du UAE sets off social media privacy alarm bell

Warning social media users of the threatening consequences of sharing their personal lives online, UAE’s giant mobile operator du launched a new public service campaign
advising people to #PostWisely.

“Your life is yours until you share it,” emphasized Du in its fear-appeal campaign videos, which featured a series of true-life stories about people who have been subjected to violence, robbery, and abuse because of what they share on social media. [Videos are at the end of the article]

The campaign also features interviews with celebrities from the region, including Mostafa Al-Agha of MBC Group, Ahmed Al-Shuqairy and others who advised people to watch out for their privacy on social media.

One video tells the story of a man who was robbed after posting his airplane ticket. Another campaign video features a woman who tried to abduct a newly born baby after watching his parents posts on Facebook. One of the videos featured the story of a 14-year-old girl who was murdered after posting “#HomeAlone.”

The campaign is a wakeup call for social media users who share their private lives publicly, failing to notice potential serious threats to their privacy and personal safety.

Watch Du’s #PostWisely videos:

(Editing by Sara El-Khalili and Ahmed Maher)

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