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Etisalat and Mobinil Visuals Issue on Social Media

In the age of social media and online branding, brands should treat the online communities with extra care and professionalism. Today, we’ve picked this example for Etisalat and Mobinil Visuals Issue on Social Media, to spot a light on the importance of having your own photography library, icons, illustrations, and typography, especially if you’re working for big brands who have big budgets.

Etisalat used a photo from the internet 

During Jan 2015, Etisalat posted a photo on Facebook taken from the internet to promote their slogan “Every Day New”, the photo works well with Etisalat’s branding and looks one of their brand’s images if you first saw it, however, it’s not owned by Etisalat.

Mobinil used the same photo after a month 

About a month later, Mobinil used the exact same photo to engage their fans on Facebook with a generic question in the international Book Day “have you ever shared a book with someone?”.

The Result Can be:

  • Mobinil copied Etisalat photo!
  • Etisalat searching for photos on google!
  • Mobinil didn’t do their homework to validate the photo they used for International Book Day, if it was used by one of their competitors in Egypt or somewhere else!
  • Big brands like Etisalat and mobinil are cutting cost by searching for photos on google instead of buying their own!

Well, this is extremely damaging the brand image, mobinil and etisalat should have thought before using something like that, the benefit out of that photo isn’t comparable with the damage could occur to the brand because of it.

So, What Should Social Media Teams Do To Avoid Such Damage?

  • In fact big brands have their brand manuals and guidelines in terms of visuals usage, so simply apply those guidelines and restrict to them
  • Don’t have a library?! So, develop one, hire a photographer/agency and take all the possible footages
  •  Use premium online libraries like Getty Images, Veer, Corbis Images, & FotoSearch, etc…
  • Hire a creative designer, pick the best in the country and make them fully aware about your brand and its personality
  • Never ever use FREE images or search google images

Once you have your library up and running, your brand will appear unique as it should be. Have you developed your visual library or not?

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