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Young Saudi woman Rawan Hamza drives all the way from the UAE to Saudi Arabia to surprise her mom back home! In Infiniti’s Drive Back campaign

last 24th of June 2018, women in Saudi Arabia started driving for the very first time in the Kingdom. It was a day of celebration, anxiety and certainly lots of expectations. While many brands took the opportunity to send messages of support through traditional advertising media, INFINITI was on the road documenting an incredibly heart-warming story.

Rawan Hamza, a young Saudi woman who has been living abroad and had never driven in her own country before, drove over 800 kms from Dubai, UAE to Saudi Arabia, accompanied by her brother, and to surprise her mom back home. It was a beautiful and emotional moment we were fortunate to witness, Rawan might have possibly been one of the first women to ever do so since the ban was lifted. Her feelings crossing the border and a journey full of memories genuinely represent what this change really means for every Saudi woman.

To take the story to everyone, INFINITI created a 3-min film called Drive Back, and aired it early this week in cinema theaters across the region, they even surprised Rawan with an invitation to the movies to see her film for the first time. The film is also available now on different social media platforms for everyone to watch.

“This film is a beautiful depiction of what we stand for as a brand. As we place the driver at the center of everything we do and one of our core pillars is being “Human” in our communication, this film symbolizes how QX50 acts as a facilitator to empower women who want to push boundaries yet have a sensitive and emotional side to them. We also wanted to go beyond just stating the obvious by exploring how women will start creating their own stories in their home country.” Said Joanna Chami INFINITI Creative & Media Manager – Marketing.

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