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Top Jordanian Resin Artists to Follow on Instagram

Resin art in Jordan has evolved during the covid-19 lockdown – and, in some instances, even global standards.

Today, many Jordanian women have started a challenge to showcase the best Resin art trends from the Land of the Petra.

Resin art topped online business ideas and became one of the most popular rising online businesses among women in Jordan. The covid-19 lockdown brought more women to unlock their untapped potentials.

That said, Resin art is available to anyone who follows the right skills. These women are rising to the challenge in every aspect of taste couture. In this, they direct theirs toward new trends bot in the design world and their social and professional lives.

Jordan’s Resin trends have also swept over to other aspects of modern, empowered living. Some artists work their magic in the MENA region and beyond by encouraging women everywhere to explore beyond their borders.

So, who are these Resin icons from the Land that gave us Queen Rania? What contributions are they making? Consider the list below:

Yasmeen’s Resin Art

If you are a gold lover, visit Yasmeen’s Instagram account. She has various gold resin designs, such as coasters, name holders for offices, sweets, and chocolate hostesses, Arabic calligraphy frames, cheese plates, and more.

Resin art by yasmeen
Resin art by Yasmeen

Rita’s Resin Art

Elegance and creative ideas are what differentiate Rita.

Ritas Resin jordan
Ritas Resin

Heba’s Resin Art

Fresh colors in the feed. Heba focuses on decorative pieces; check out her profile to refresh your home decor with some new ideas and colors.

Heba resin
Heba’s Resin art

Noura Resin Art

In&out sea-inspired resin designs.

Noura Resin Art
Noura Resin Art

Soul Designs Jordan

Nature-inspired resin design.

soul designs jordan
soul designs Jordan

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