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Discover Facebook Marketplace 'buy and sell with your local community', Facebook launches 'Marketplace': buy and sell with your local community

Discover Facebook Marketplace ‘buy and sell’

The social media giant has introduced " Facebook Marketplace" where users can buy and sell anything with their communities. Facebook Marketplace allows users to discover items for sale nearby, make bids, message sellers, post...
Facebook buy and sell feature marketplace Solved: Facebook Marketplace Isn't Working or loading

Solved: Facebook Marketplace Isn’t Working

If you have fallen victim to the Facebook Marketplace glitch, Facebook has addressed the issue to help locked out users – The fix comes in less than 24 hours after submitting an appeal form. In...
Restore access to Facebook Marketplace, Facebook allows users to appeal Marketplace ban to buy and sell within your local community

Restore access to Facebook Marketplace

Many users have reported that the Facebook feature to buy and sell items "Marketplace" has suddenly disappeared while they did not violate policies. We've investigated the issue, and it was due to a major...
17 things to avoid while selling on Facebook Marketplace

17 things to avoid while selling on Facebook Marketplace

Thousands of users got banned recently from Facebook Marketplace due to violations of commerce and community standards policies. Well, not so many read long pages of policies. Sometimes, we fall victim to simple rules,...
Ultimate Guide to Selling on Facebook Marketplace 2019

Facebook Marketplace: Ultimate Guide of Selling on the Platform

Selling items can be a painful task. It may take days, weeks,s, or even months to sell something. In 2016, Selling on Facebook became easier, as the company developed a new product "marketplace" to help users...
Facebook launches Arabic online Marketplace platform in Egypt

Facebook launches Facebook Marketplace in Egypt

Facebook has launched its buy and sell feature "Marketplace" in Egypt, enabling people to use the platform to discover, buy, and sell items. The feature is now available in Arabic on mobile and desktop. Egypt...
Snapchat Unveils Next Generation of E-commerce Ad Products

Snapchat Unveils Next Generation of E-commerce Ad Products

Snapchat is launching the next phase of e-commerce advertising on the platform, following the launch of an advanced performance marketing suite this June. The new update includes four signature advancements available globally to advertisers. The...
Facebook drives OSN online sales up 6 times in Q4

Facebook drives OSN online sales up 6 times

The Middle Eastern TV operator, OSN, saw online sales rise by 6.3 times after using Facebook website conversions ad objective. Promoting its new online-only subscription package, "El Farq." Formed in 2009, OSN is the leading...
Facebook Marketplace gets artificial intelligence features

Facebook Marketplace gets artificial intelligence features

Two years after its introduction, Facebook Marketplace is now artificial intelligence (AI) enabled with auto-categorization and price-range suggestions. Aiming to boost user experience, capabilities, and security. Facebook Marketplace is a place for people to buy...
Orange partners with Jumia in Egypt

Orange announces partnership with Jumia for exclusive offers

Jumia Egypt announced the Black Friday campaign this month to celebrate its commitment to delivering the best deals across the country – Starts 14th of November, closes on the 25th of November. Saturday 19th November marks...

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