$150M Debt Facility Renewal Empowers Tribal’s Expansion into Saudi Arabia

Tribal Credit, a financial platform empowering SMEs in emerging markets has secured a renewed $150 million USD debt facility from Partners for Growth (PFG) until 2025. The company said in a press release today.

This expansion bolsters the Tribal’s presence in Saudi Arabia and fuels growth in Mexico and Latin America, bringing innovative financial services to more SMEs.

Years of investment in credit processes and products have resulted in remarkable credit performance, ensuring a solid financial foundation. PFG, a specialty lending firm, praises Tribal’s credit performance and financial products, expressing excitement about the partnership.

Tribal’s focus on credit accessibility and digital payments has transformed SMEs’ financial landscape in emerging markets, facilitating numerous transactions. Tribal leaders emphasize the significance of their partnership with PFG and the potential to seize market opportunities.

The enhanced debt facility underlines Tribal’s mission to empower SMEs in emerging markets with innovative tech solutions, particularly in Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

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