Breadfast to Donate Kahk to Egyptian Food Bank This Eid

Using Technology for Charity is always a great idea, mix it with delicious kahk and you get a winner!

Cairo-based grocery and one-stop app Breadfast is donating scrumptious kahk boxes to the Egyptian Food Bank in the startup’s CSR campaign, ‘إﻓﺮح وﻓﺮﺣﮭﻢ’.

After talking to the Breadfast Crew, I learned this campaign is part of the startup’s core values to put people first, support the community and lead with empathy and benevolence.

Breadfast created ‘Buy One Donate One’ box, a premium kahk box specially created for the Egyptian Food Bank.

A festive tin box that has delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, powdered-sugar kahk, Breadfast’s Buy One Donate One box is offered at EGP 240 (around 15 USD).

By buying this box, customers will be paying for one kahk box (EGP 160), plus half the price of another kahk box donated to the Egyptian Food Bank (EGP 80). Breadfast will pay the other half and deliver the box to the Egyptian Food Bank on our customers’ behalf.

With this initiative, Breadfast aims to extend joy to less fortunate households and help them celebrate Eid the same way our customers do.

A cloud supermarket in your pocket.

The e-commerce startup, founded in 2017, provides daily go-to shopping essentials , all the way to household supplies, including laundry detergents, baby products, stationary items, grooming, and personal care kits.

All products are packed fresh and produced daily within Breadfast’s production facilities. The startup’s on-demand cloud supermarket ‘Breadfast Now’ delivers fresh bakeries and groceries in under sixty minutes.

Breadfast is on a mission to revolutionize the way household goods are delivered to Egypt and drive the emerging markets to a world-class shopping experience.

The Egyptian Food Bank is an NGO whose main mission is to fight and overcome hunger through effective feeding, development, and food saving programs all year long. The NGO established in 2005, has been working for over 15 years on preventing the society from facing social and economic effects that could hinder the community growth.

This is great CSR if you ask us. Good Job Breadfast.

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