Digitree Introduces ‘Hype Insights’ Social Media Analytics Tool

Egypt-based digital agency Digitree has kicked-off its very own social media analytics tool “Hype Insights”. The tool enables brands, agencies, and freelancers to measure their managed social media assets’ performances in a super user-friendly way, at a very competitive and affordable price.

Social media analytics are becoming more and more crucial for businesses. The importance to measure all social media metrics increases and major social media platforms continues to make changes on the way you profiling audiences, and so it increases the importance to measure all social media activities which is critical to your success.

On other note – open-ended questions:

  • What is the impact of social media?
  • Can I use social media data in developing a new product?
  • Is social media beneficial to the marketing function only? What about other functions such as HR/Finance/Operations/R&D.
  • Can I turn social media data into strategies?
  • How data skills can affect other operations such as innovation activities?
  • What kind of innovation does the data skills in genders?

Hype Insights will answer your questions 

Differentiation, Competitive Edges, Benefits why you need it? why you really want it?   

  • Unlimited Social media channels statistics.
  • Unlimited number of fans statistics.
  • Very powerful dashboard assist the subscriber to get his audience demographics through charts coming up from insights across the social media channels and online existence.
  • Serving all kind of users (Freelancers, brands and Agencies).
  • Set a comparison between the current month and the previous month to give you insights about media spending and the page content.

Hype helps you gain deeper insights by tracking every like, share, comment and individuals across all major brand profiles.

Stay tuned to our full guide and review on the tool soon. Meanwhile, you can gain access to Hype Insights social media analytics tool for two months free of charge. Try it now!

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