How Vezeeta Makes Doctor's Visits Easier in Egypt

The process of going to a doctor in Egypt is very complicated
1- Searching for a good doctor in Egypt is a hard and hectic process.
2- Booking with the referred doctor requires having the clinic’s number that getting it is a uniquely complicated exercise.
3- Calling the clinic to book where nobody answers you except from the third or fourth attempt.
4- Waiting time in the clinic is the tragedy of healthcare in Egypt, Two hours is he average time agreed by the majority of the doctors in Egypt.

Vezeeta has solved the previous four problems and made the booking experience with any doctor to be easy, enjoyable and fast.

Vezeeta, How does it work?

The patient visits to find the best doctors in Egypt, and search by specialty, area, and doctor’s fees. He/she will find other patients’ reviews and ratings on each doctor.

  • Vezeeta Website does not accept (reviews) except from “verified” patients, i.e: Patients who have booked their appointment at the doctor through

The site now contains more than 20,000 reviews and ratings that increases by more than 3,000 on a monthly basis.

  • The patient can book automatically from the website by choosing the appropriate doctor and the suitable appointment available
  • When the patient goes to the clinic on time, he/she will find his/her appointment with the doctor reserved under his/her name.
  • The patient evaluates the waiting period in the clinic so that the other patients can book the doctors with less waiting time also they rate the medical service provided by the doctor

The company’s foundation story

Amir Barsoum, Chief Executive Officer, and Ahmed Bader VP & general manager of sales started vezeeta in 2013 with size and managed to raise EGP 30M in two rounds of financing from Egypt information and communication technology trust fund (ICT-TF) and Silcon badia for investment.
Barsoum says: “The healthcare Market in Egypt requires critical development to provide better service for the patients who pay and do not receive a relatively accepted service “also” Technology is now in every grocery store, supermarket, lawyer and accountant office except doctors’ clinics and here comes the role of Vezeeta in integrating technology in healthcare”
Vezeeta is the beginning of the technological development in the healthcare services patients. It is a free service for the patients.

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