Napata wins PepsiCo Social Impact Competition during AMWAJ Forum in Amman

AMWAJ (“waves” in English) is an international sustainability and entrepreneurship forum organized by PepsiCo and Revolve Media focused on offering socially innovative ideas, sharing best practices and finding practical solutions to build inclusive societies for a sustainable future in the MENA region.

PepsiCo Social Impact Competition is a contest for MENA-based social startups organized by PepsiCo MENA Region, in partnership with Wamda, to strengthen the community of social entrepreneurs across the region and to spread awareness around social entrepreneurship in the Arab world.

During the Gala Dinner, Napata announced as the winner of PepsiCo Social Impact Competition and $10K.

Napata is social startup based in Aswan in upper Egypt, helping to recycle palm waste by turning it into eco-friendly products.

Let’s look at all the 10 finalists:


Junkbot is a DIY robotic kit that enables everyone to build robots using unwanted junk like plastic cups, old CDs, used water bottles etc.


SEP hand-embroidered accessories blend premium craftsmanship with style. The 800 artists who embroider the unique SEP pieces are refugees.


Nafham is a free K-12 online education platform provides 5-20 min. video lessons covering Egyptian, Saudi, Algerian, Syrian and Kuwaiti curricula for all students starting from primary 1st to Secondary 3rd.


Build Palestine is a donation-based crowdfunding platform that aims to empower grassroots problem solving.

Not Guilty:

Not Guilty is an NGO that is holding a nationwide campaign aimed at abolishing sexual harassment and sexual abuse through many venues: media, education, Training of Trainers (TOT), and counseling. We believe that prevention is better than treatment.


Bilforon is a mobile application for ordering home-cooked food from local and refugee women who make it and sell it from their houses.


Pathfinder operates in the Health “Special Needs” Sector, where we aim to help as many visually challenged people as possible, using tech.


Shamsina innovates in sustainable energy solutions to serve those most in need, creating local know-how, jobs, and demand along the way.


Green ALAFCO mission statement is the recycling of the aluminum UBC (Used Beverage Cans), with the help of the waste pickers network.

On the personal level, I would love to thank PepciCo and Revolve for supporting the social entrepreneurs around the region.

Congratulations Nabata and keep it up!

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