SVB Updates and Resources Available for Startups’ Urgent Payroll Needs

With the number of companies and VCs asking about developments related to SVB, especially the upcoming Wednesday payroll date, here is a collated set of resources and information. None of this is confidential or proprietary information that was shared but is from publicly available sources.

Note these are for resources only and should not be construed as legal advice, endorsement, PR, official company policy, or advertisement – they may be out of date. This is a rapidly developing situation, and regulators and parties will likely update many answers by Monday. If anything is incorrect, accidentally misrepresented, or has been updated, feel free to comment.

The goal of this post is to collate in one place what is out there as it relates to the immediate need of most startup companies: running payroll for employees on Wed.

This is a community, open-source resource only based on others’ inputs. This is not a PR document nor necessarily reflects the official policies of any companies mentioned. It’s meant as a helpful starting resource only of any/all available avenues toward the primary short-term goal of getting startup ecosystem employees paid.

If SVB isn’t acquired, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will begin selling off assets to pay creditors. If that happens, update your contact info and submit a claim here: (Requirements and eligibility for those claims are expected on or after Monday, March 23, 2023).

Liquidity for Payroll Wed

First things first: how do we get enough liquid funds to make payroll by Wednesday?

  • FDIC-insured deposits up to $250k should be available Monday morning.
  • Advanced dividends from remaining non-insured holdings will likely be paid out this week – even as early as Monday/Tuesday – in an amount from 30-80%. All of this is unconfirmed, and these funds may or may not land in time for running Wednesday’s payroll.
  • Some understand that any wires that went out of SVB accounts before receivership took effect will still be going out and landing Monday/Tuesday. This is unconfirmed and TBD. The most recent update.
  • Any custodial accounts held with SVB (but with a custodian such as US Bank, Goldman, Black Rock, etc.) should be available. Still, it would be best if you worked directly with that custodian to gain access to those funds, and those teams and customer service lines are understandably very impacted right now.
  • Currently unclear how SVB credit cards handled by third-party providers (Mastercard, etc.) are being treated.

Loan Providers

Other possible funding opportunities to bridge payroll:


Arc offers short-term credit facilities/bridge loans (up to $250k or current cash position) to help founders make payroll and other working capital needs.


Brex is offering short-term liquidity (I understand this maxes out at ~$250k, but this is unconfirmed)

Brex is also offering emergency bridge loans

Brex is offering emergency bridge loans to qualified SVB customers to help minimize the impact of recent events on payroll and other operational spending.

Capchase is offering emergency funding to fund payroll


The understanding/rumor is that they will offer to purchase receivership certificates, possibly as early as next week. Check out their website, where any updates will likely be made – here.

Lighter Capital



Nitra provides expedited underwriting for new credit lines and bridge loans outside healthcare – up to $200k on a card and more on a bridge loan.

  • Uncapped emergency funding
  • Uncapped has also launched an emergency funding programme to support founders impacted. To receive more information, you can email [email protected]. You should include the following in the email: Short-term funding requirement; Latest financials; Last 3 months’ bank statements; Total balance at SVB
  • They are looking to provide the funding as early as next week — up to $500k by Wednesday and up to $3m by next week.


Provides emergency funding for e-commerce and retail companies affected by SVB


Offering deferred payments, stable limits, and flexible payment terms are detailed here.


Tapline short-term funding. Tapline is also not impacted by SVB and remains capable of providing funding to SaaS companies impacted by the fallout. You can find more information here or reach out directly to [email protected].


Tranch is offering credit lines to help minimize the impact of recent events on operational spend up to $500k to pay supplier invoices including EOR


Created a Business Continuity plan to support EU-based companies affected with capital to cover expenses such as commercial activities, marketing, and inventory. Fast track and grace periods.


  • “Lifeline Loan” Info is below. Here’s the link

AngelList’s new product is designed to help impacted startups to get temporary loans from investors with online signing and funding. Lifeline Agreement will also have built-in banking access (if the company needs it). “Lifeline Agreement will include a promissory note with a standard interest rate (7 percent) for a short-term loan from your investors, lending enough to meet urgent needs. Online signing process with a single link to share and works with AngelList Banking or any bank,” Sumukh Sridhara, Founder Products Lead at AngelList, said in a tweet. The lifeline agreement is currently available to startups for free.

  • Loan documents
  • AngelList offers standardized loan documents and fast new bank accounts.

Funding Circle

  • Outside of SVB issues, they share that they offer a 48-hour turnaround in short-term capital, but maxed to $250k or so – link here.

Gulp Data

Non-dilutive funding using data as collateral – more info here


Marketplace for finding funding sources, with an SVB landing page announcement – more info here


small business loans – more info here

Credibly – small business loans, some of which claim to be available same-day


  • Marketplace to compare lending options
  • States “get funding fast” but no specific landing page for SVB-impacted businesses so unclear if funds would hit in time for running payroll.
  • More info here


  • Funding for e-commerce companies only
  • Connect your store account (Amazon, Shopify, etc.) and, based on prior six months revenue can provide working capital.
  • More info here


  • Revenue-based capital
  • Unclear whether timing would make it by Wed’s payroll
  • More info here

Flow Capital

  • Growth capital, $1M – $7M
  • No specific landing page to assist SVB-impacted companies
  • Describes as capital “within 4 weeks” so likely NOT an option for Wed’s payroll but possibly other mid-term liquidity needs
  • More info here


  • Revenue-based financing for SaaS companies
  • Unclear if any specific assistance or urgent programs for SVB-impacted customers as there is no SVB-impact landing page
  • More info here

Square Loans

  • Small business loans up to $250k
  • States you can “move money into your account as soon as tomorrow.”
  • No specific landing page for SVB-impacted companies
  • More info here

Paypal Working Capital

  • Up to $150k for first-time borrowers
  • Unclear timing re: Wed’s payroll, no landing page specific to SVB-impacted companies
  • More info here

SaaS Capital

  • Non-dilutive capital must have at least $250k MRR
  • Describes itself as a 6-8 week process; not helpful for Wed’s payroll, but depending on how events unfold, possibly helpful for mid-term capital issues
  • More info here

Stripe Capital

  • Described as “fas-capital” but has no specific SVB landing page, so unclear if fast enough for Wed’s payroll
  • More info here

Bridge Funding – Payroll Companies

Funding from your payroll company

  • ADP: There is a rumor (rumor only) that ADP may be providing short-term, one-time payroll loans for next week. Reach out to them if you run payroll w/ SVB on ADP.
  • Remote: Remote founder has announced that they will cover March 15th payroll run for all companies (even those on SVB themselves as a company) via an announcement on Linkedin.

SAFE/Bridge Financing (Investors)

  • Short-term bridge SAFEs or Convertible Notes by existing investors on template documents (templates are floating around for SAFEs, bridge notes, and convertible notes).
  • A number of VCs have announced low-interest bridge loans to their portfolio companies to make payroll. Ask your investors for bridge funding first and foremost, as you may get a lower interest rate loan than other commercially available sources. You likely need money from them to land in your non-SVB account by Tues am at the latest to run payroll for Wed.

Alternative banks that specialize in startups



First Republic Bank

Wells Fargo:

Chase (JP Morgan Chase):

  • Benedict Iturralde, [email protected]
    • Please provide the following to expedite account opening:
      1. Legal business name:
      2. EIN:
      3. Ownership structure in percentages: Are members also signers?
      4. Address and Phone (if different from personal):
      5. Brief description of what the business does:
      6. Attach Delaware certificate of formation (Dated within the last year)

      It is recommended that you go to a bank branch after doing this because online account setup may take up to 5 days.

Bridge Bank

JP Ferro: [email protected]

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