Take Answers: A Quora-like Consultancy Service Mobile App

Connecting startups with more than 450 top-notch experts, the Take Answers App was recently launched to help entrepreneurs find expert answers to their questions from the comfort of their mobile phones.

“This is a Q&A platform that helps businesses get quick and solid expert advice from the comfort of their mobile devices,” said Take Answers Founder Said Baaghil.

A reputable brand and marketing consultant, author, and public speaker, Baaghil hopes to empower startups and SMEs, helping them access the right advice to improve their business operations and competitiveness.

“Changing and impacting the global economy is only possible through capitalizing on our individuality as creative thinkers and doers and investing in innovative business ideas rather than nationalistic pride,” said Baaghil, adding that he hopes to improve the lives of entrepreneurs through expert business guidance on his app.

Available on both the App store and Google Play, Take Answers features an easy interface for both clients and experts, where the former posts a question for a minimal charge, selects a response category, and chooses the right experts to provide an answer to the question.

Unlike search engines and knowledge bases, Take Answers does not give general information or advice but gives detailed answers in a two-way conversation, Baaghil added. Clients can also get a second, third, or fourth opinion from other experts to validate their strategy.

Experts are pre-approved through a rigid vetting process that could take several days or weeks. All experts must maintain high ratings and reviews to remain on the platform, explained Baaghil.

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