5 Marketing Lessons by Christian Andersen from IBM

Christian Andersen, Director of Portfolio Marketing, Middle East and Africa, at IBM is presenting  this coming October at the third edition of Marketing Kingdom Cairo (15-16 October) on the topic of cognitive marketing.

In his capacity, he is responsible for the definition, orchestration and representation of marketing’s overall contribution to the business across business unit, buyer roles and industries. Christian joined IBM in in 1999 and has in the last 17 years held a variety of positions in the Marketing organization in different geographies.

Christian is also a Board Member of the Marketing Society Middle East. The Marketing Society is an exclusive global network of 2,700 senior marketers. As a Board Member, he acts to fulfill the Society’s vision to encourage our members to become bolder leaders, helping them think differently about the challenges they face.

He recently shared with us the top 5 marketing lessons in his amazing career:

1. Personalize your marketing campaigns

Buyers are tired of irrelevant marketing, but most companies aren’t capturing cross-channel buyer behaviors and using them to trigger personalized messaging. You can personalize your campaigns based on your client data available in your records or in social media, and make every marketing message relevant and personal.

2. Create streamlined experiences through web, mobile and social

Your customer should experience your business the same way through your communications across devices. You need to have a coherent omni-channel marketing strategy that unifies your marketing messages across SMS, mobile (push notifications on your app) as well as seamlessly connect social media into your engagements and interactions with your customers.

3. Enable real-time marketing

You can make product recommendations or other content show in your messages in real time based on client activity, purchase history or other attributes. This makes it more likely that customer will respond to your offers and promotions as they come in timely to their needs.

4. Learn from others

Chances are there are companies similar to yours that have adopted marketing technologies and strategies and are advocating their successes. Look up references of companies in your same industry to pick up from where they ended and ensure your success

5. Make technology and strategy work hand in hand

Adopting the latest marketing technology alone will not help your business succeed. Strategy has to go hand in hand with technology to ensure your customers get a consistent experience all the time, whether they are on your website or they are dealing with sales reps on your store or branch. The culture should be customer centric and this should be the guiding principle for all your company’s strategies – whether marketing or others!

The Marketing Kingdom Cairo 3 will take place from 15-16 October at the Dusit Thani Lakeview Hotel in Cairo. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, P&G, PepsiCo, Socialyse and Anghami are only some of the brands presenting at the event.

The event is organized by P World with DMS as Platinum Sponsor. For ticket pricing and group discounts visit:

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