8 Big Ideas from Socialbakers Engage Prague 2016

Leading marketing professionals from around the world gathered for the four-day Engage Prague 2016, listening to topnotch speakers from major brands and agencies alongside the social analytics leaders from Socialbakers. To share experiences and stay abreast of the insights into social marketing trends, successful marketing campaigns, showcases the newest tools and even more.

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It’s unfair to summarize such a huge gathering in one article, but here’s a list of eight important ideas from the event and may inspire you to improve your business performance before end of 2016.

1. If you’re talking to your customers via comments, STOP

Numbers have shown 80% of Facebook users are happy with brands that interact with them via massages. People feel special, important and free if you took the conversation in private. It’s also better to talk over facebook messages rather than discussing customers personal issues in public. Try to take the conversation to messages once it’s getting personal.

2. Bots, Bots, Bots

Are you a publisher and you still don’t have a bot? Your readers may not be yours anymore. Start creating your facebook messenger bot now

3. Influencers NOW are the most important channel to sell or grow, choose them Carefully

Many brands are moving from the traditional digital advertising to hiring online influencers, in order to sell their products in a native way, and use influncers’ trust power as referrals to grow fan base. This strategy has proven success on different platforms, especially on Instagram.

4. Outsourcing social media content is a FATAL mistake

Most social media agencies do not understand your products/services better than your employees. So why investing in an agency while you can own the best in-house? You just need to train them right, and hire a digital mind to lead and success will follow.

5. Do not boost any content before making sure your customers love it

It’s a common mistake, many brands boost all their social media posts/tweets, this results in wasting budget waste on bad content, and losing the opportunity to support good content with bigger budget. There’re even worser results such as “page unlikes, hiding all your future posts) in addition to hiding the promoted content they don’t like and result in increasing cost in future sponsored content.

6. Do not forget the small details like Thumbnail

Digital is all about visuals. Let’s say that you’re offering the best product or service, the question is, how to appeal to customers in order to click and read about it? Simply, attract their eyes, try to use eye-catchy images, and display them right by learning more about each platform thumbnail dimensions.

7. No more customer care over phone calls

49% of customer inquires are now handled over social media and 18.6% over digital marketing. Traditional customer care is declining due to the penetration of internet and online customer care. Develop your processes and expand your social customer care teams.

8. Use music every time and everywhere in your ads, 97% of marketers around the word agreed on this

Music is the world number one language, it builds strong bonds and keep you on the top of customer mind. Use it effectively.

Worth mentioning that STC KSA awarded as the best customer care via twitter in the World, CONGRATS! They replied to around 4 million requests in less than 4 minutes.

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