Five Reasons Not To Miss The Marketing Kingdom Cairo

The Marketing Kingdom Cairo, taking place from 25-26 October in Cairo, has been a frequent topic of discussion between Egyptian marketers in the past couple of weeks. With speakers from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Shazam.
So what makes this event so special?
Here are out top reasons you won’t want to miss out on Egypt’s first ever international marketing event.

1- The Marketing Kingdom Cairo is the first ever marketing event in Egypt to feature speakers from the world’s biggest social media brands

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Shazam are all scheduled to deliver presentations at the event, making it the first ever event in Egypt to have all of the world’s major social media brands under one roof in one place.

2- Focus on global marketing trends and over 6 hours of interactive discussions 

Mobile marketing, online purchasing, content and customer marketing, as well as crisis communications and influencer marketing are only some of the topics covered at the event. The organizer has also included over 6 hours of interactive discussions to help you cover all topics in greater detail.

3- Half day interactive workshop on Facebook marketing 

Aside from some amazing discussions, the Marketing Kingdom Cairo also includes a half day workshop by Scott Hicks, Former Client Partner at Facebook on Developing Your Brand Purpose On Facebook.

4- Unlimited networking opportunities with local and global marketers

According to Kosta Petrov, the Event Director for the Marketing Kingdom, the event has delegates and speakers from over 30 countries, making it a truly amazing opportunity to network and build new friendships in the marketing world.

5- The Marketing Kingdom is the world’s fastest growing marketing event

With shows in 11 different countries, in only three years, the Marketing Kingdom has become one of the world’s fastest growing marketing events. This year alone, the event was held in Croatia, Azerbaijan and Jordan and aside from Egypt, this year the Marketing Kingdom is also going to Georgia, Qatar and Iran.
If you need more information on the Marketing Kingdom Cairo or to register, please visit the P World website.

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