Get2Space launches 'Become an Astronaut' at RiseUp Summit 2015

Everyone wanted to meet a Martian or visit Mars. Well, here is their best chance as launches the “Become an Astronaut” program at the RiseUp Summit 2015 in Cairo – The largest entrepreneurial powwow for the youth in the MENA region.
Nader Sabry, Founder of GET2SPACE, will announce the official launch of “want to become an astronaut?” campaign.  This aims to educate the Arab region’s youth on role of space in our life and how they can reach that frontier.
“Want to become an astronaut?” program is in response to the flood of demand following the launch of GET2SPACE in partnership with the US Space Foundation in 2014 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, during the Orion spacecraft test launch for its ultimate journey to Mars.  The program is rolling out in the build up to RiseUp Summit, in line with this year’s theme of “Quantum Leap” to transport us from Earth to outer space. It will help educate and create awareness around space technology and how it impacts our daily lives.
Get2Space is part of “innovation path to peace” drive by the Nader Sabry started with his keynote speech at NASA’s Kennedy Space centre, the initiative is aimed at involving 2 billion people in space.
This initiative targets the youth in helping them tap into science and technology as means for achieving peace drawing on space technology.  With an overwhelming response of youth across the Arab world aspiring to become astronauts; GET2SPACE is launching a pre-program registration campaign at RiseUp this year.
“Space is big enough to offer opportunities for all, all you need is to believe and embrace it!” says Nader Sabry, Founder of GET2SPACE initiative and CEO & Founder of TIMEZ5 Global Inc.
So wattle-up and get ready, this is an unforgettable journey.  From Cairo central to Mars; go to

About Get2space

It is an initiative by TIMEZ5 Global Inc. to inspire people to aspire to space, seeking the greater good and global peace through space technology.
It is designed to inspire the youth to focus on using science and technology to simplify and bring peace to the world looking at space as their future by promoting space technology awareness. Designed for the moon, used on Earth is the initiative’s motto.  Space exploration can inspire our world’s youth to dream big and work with each other on a common mission for betterment of mankind, and improve daily life in their local communities by adapting the application of space technology to their local needs.
Get2Space was launched in 2014 by Nader Sabry, CEO and founder of TIMEZ5 Global Inc., in partnership with the US Space Foundation. For more information visit Get2Space website.

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