Laith Abu Joda Sparks Happiness at Social Media Day Egypt

The Palestinian singer Laith Abu Joda sparked happiness this year at Social Media Day Egypt, which took place in the Greek Campus in downtown Cairo.

Laith Abu Joda Trending in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, & Jordan

SMDay Egypt has been able to reserve 2 spots on Twitter trending topics in the last 48 hours, the first time was on the first day as almost 1500 persons from Egypt were talking about the event’s kick-off, and the second time was when Laith Abu Joda arrived in the event. Laith fans created a special hashtag #LaithinSMDayEgypt which became a trending topic in Egypt for almost an hour and appeared on Saudi Arabia & Jordan trends lists.

Laith Abu Joda VS Famous Brands in Egypt

Anyone who attended the social media day this year can tell you that he/she was annoyed by the big brands’ speakers who didn’t show up and canceled their talks at the last minute, such as Etisalat, Nola Cup Cake, and others. This kind of irresponsibility tells you how unprofessional these brands are and also tells you how Laith Abu Joda deserves his fans’ love; he respected his fans and was responsible for the commitment he made. This is how brands should act.

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