Marketing Kingdom Amman 2: Let’s Get The Party Started!

After the phenomenal success in 15 different countries, the Marketing Kingdom, one of the world’s fastest growing marketing events, is back for the second time in Jordan, from 1-2 March in Amman.

Featuring presentations by marketers by Facebook, Twitter, Unilever Hair Care, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Shell, Hotels .com, Hug Digital and VISA, the Marketing Kingdom Amman 2 will focus on the latest trends in today’s fast changing marketing world with special focus on personalized marketing, mobile marketing, visual content and influencer marketing.

The second edition of the Marketing Kingdom Amman will also include a half day interactive workshop on Solving Your Marketing Problems in 48 hours with Abraham and Maksimilian from UK’s Pop Up Agency.

The Popup Agency

In 2015, over 250 marketers from Jordan and the region attended the first edition of the Marketing Kingdom Amman. The event made history by being the first ever marketing event in Jordan to feature presentations by Facebook and Twitter.

For information about registration and pricing for the Marketing Kingdom Amman 2 visit the event’s official website

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