RiseUp Summit 2016 partners with Facebook bot technology for attendees

RiseUp Summit 2016 has partnered with Elves, the first Facebook chatbot application in Egypt, to create customized, concierge experiences for over 5000 participants expected at the top entrepreneurship event in the MENA region.

To attend the RiseUp Summit from December 9th – 11th in downtown Cairo, participants can log on to the event website and get connected to Facebook Messenger to chat to Elves and purchaser their tickets along with a customized itinerary.

“The world has over 900 million active monthly users of the Facebook Messenger application. Egypt has 32 million Facebook users and 26 million mobile internet users. Communicating through the Facebook platform with anyone who wants to come to RiseUp will make this process a phenomenally smooth experience,” said Con O’Donell, business development manager, RiseUp. “Elves is a very strategic partner for RiseUp, and possibly for a lot more events and conferences, because the possibilities it creates for more customized, personalized itineraries in events with this scale are endless. It also guarantees that when you arrive to the event on December 9th, you have a clear plan.”

The Elves app service has a dedicated ticketing bot that captures the attendee’s interest and objectives from attending the summit. It then provides a choice of the appropriate ticket categories and allows for the purchase transaction to happen directly through the Messenger chat. Elves also helps attendees design their itinerary for the three-day summit, including workshop selection and registration. For international attendees, coming from over 20 cities around the world, Elves is offering hotel reservations through the Fairmont and Windsor Hotels as well as transportation services through London Cab.

Image: Facebook

Karim El Sahy, founder of Elves, said:” Since Facebook launched bots last year, it’s been revolutionizing the service industry. At Elves, we use the ‘Bot’ technology and put real people behind it to provide intelligent, well-researched solutions to anything, anyone needs. For the RiseUp Summit, an event of immense scale and a lot of activity, we’re helping attendees choose the right ticket category and help define their three-day itinerary. For international visitors, we’re taking this a step further and taking care of any logistics they might need during their stay in Cairo.”

For more information, send a message to Elves

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