Social Media Day Qatar 2015

For the first time since initiated in 2010, Qatar hosted mashable social media day celebration on July 4th, 2015, at one of Doha’s famous restaurants “Jones the Grocer”. The event was sponsored by the country’s top believers in the social media revolution.
Social Media Day Qatar
This is the first social media meetup for industry top people, featuring the top social network in Qatar ” I Love Qatar (ILQ) ” founded by a young entrepreneur ” Khalifa Al Haroon ” or what people of Qatar used to call himself “Mr. Q”
Mr.Q on stage with opening speech
Mr. Q started off by talking about his network “I Love Qatar” and current activities that have been done, also talked about how to make Ramadan more engaging using social media, and how engagement does not only happen online. It should be connected to offline activities and links the virtual world to the real world.
Agenda was cool enough to bring out “Hamad Al Amari”AKA #TheQatariGuy a Qatari comedian, For those who don’t know him, Hamad was the person behind the viral video “Burger King Drive in with a Camel” see the video below:

Hamad talked about his dreams and how he wishes to make Qatar a better place, bring sports to all the youth in Qatar and had a Q&A session to let attendees ask him about his career as a comedian.
The event was crowded with over 100 attendees from different cultures and nationalities sharing experiences and knowledge.
SMdayQR attendees
Next, was a group activity people were asked to form in groups and had given pieces of newspapers and magazines to create an actual timeline of their favorite social media network.

Social Media Day Qatar Speakers

The event hosted Mohana RajaKumar @Moha_Doha, Alaa Tarawneh @AlaaTarawneh and Ammar Mohammed @Ammr to speak about social media practices in Qatar and various tips for agencies, brands  and community managers
After this a shoutout for sponsors for the audience was given to thank them for the efforts providing the venue, gifts and make this event happen in Qatar for the first time

And how can a social media event that big ends without a #Selfie from #KhanSelfie

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