Facebook Launches Marketing Consultants Program

Facebook has launched a new marketing consultants program which features experts in Facebook advertising on partners directory. Becoming a vetted Consultant helps your company with more exposure, more opportunity and more growth.

To become a vetted Consultant your marketing team members must complete a Facebook certification demonstrating your ability for setting up optimal Facebook marketing solutions.

The program is now available for advertisers who master Facebook Pixel, later on, for App Events and Product Catalog.

There’s currently one available course which is Bronze Certificate in Facebook pixel and dynamic ads. Enrollment in the course costs $99 per member.

So, why is it important to become a Facebook consultant? 

In addition to its prestigious position, Facebook Partners Directory helps ensure the best possible match of customer need to your capabilities, so you can deliver the best possible results, in addition to:

  • Gain Customers
  • Hone Digital Skills
  • Engage peers, share experiences and learn
  • Receive invites to exclusive events

How to become a Facebook marketing consultant? 

In order to become a vetted Marketing Consultant, you need to meet the program criteria, in addition, you’ll also need to demonstrate your technical expertise by completing FMC evaluation process.

Complete your video course, take a quiz and send a sample of your work deploying test pixels to the program instructors.

If passed, you will be invited to formally apply to the program, and become listed in Facebook Partner Directory to increase your exposure to Facebook Advertisers.

You’ll also gain access to a closed Facebook group moderated by Facebook technical staff to get questions answered, invites to special events including Facebook annual Global Partner Summit, and more.

After that, you’ll need to apply to the Partners program from here.