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5 Link Building Tactics to Boost Your Online Presence

Using SEO to build an online presence is an essential need these days. Apart from putting your brand in the top position in the search results it also helps you to increase the ease with which customers can establish a bond with you. Link building or getting backlinks for your website becomes an integral part of this entire scenario. Here we share with you 5 link building tactics that would help in boosting your online presence.

Guest posting

One interesting way to start is to guest post about your area of expertise. You just have to look for a reputed website where you can provide your inputs over topics related to your niche. However, you must take care that the website you choose is a high authority and attracts enough traffic. Once your content is published you can add your links asking them to trust your brand by reaching your website. You could also use link building services to simplify this process for you. SEOOutreachers looks for the best places to put your links thus garnering increasing visibility for the brand.

Changing mentions to links

You may have found mentions on other websites something you are not aware of till now. To use this concept for your benefit first google search your name and look for your name. If there are any such websites that have purposely mentioned about you there is a good chance you can get exposure here. Just ask them to add your link as part of their blog and if possible add your inputs too.

Broken link building

Often there are links that are non -existent or have expired over a period of time. These links may be irrelevant but you can still use them. Just find out all such links and request the owners to replace them with genuine and correct links from your website. Doing that you will give your brand the much-needed backlinks and that too without any extra effort on your part. Most of these pages are a burden to the website owner as well so your effort would be gladly accepted by them.

Targeting the resource pages from websites

A lot of websites have their own resource pages where you can find any kind of content. You may contact the owners if they can let you be a part of these pages in the form of backlinks. However, to do so you first need to have something useful to offer to them. It could be a how-to article or a guide on something that the customers need. Have a look at the website first before proceeding with this trick. If the website has just added random resources without any major common interests it is better to stay away from it.

Online directories

Another place where you may get some useful help is online directories. They are like modern yellow pages and some of the most credible ones are being used regularly by the customers. You may understand though that this tactic is focused more on getting local customers to notice you. This is probably because these websites are focused on region-based divisions and the customers also search as per their area requirements.


Link building is done in the correct manner can really prove to be fruitful for your brand’s growth. However, success is also dependent on the kind of strategies used and the above tips are some of the most effective ones. In case of any confusion, you may take the help of SEOOutreachers. They know just the right tactics that are needed to help you explore the growth of your brand and would successfully guide you in achieving the same.

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