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Whether you’re a Marketing guru or an advertising newbie we give you the scoop on what’s new, what’s best, and how to make the most out of the platforms you love.

Facebook buy and sell feature marketplace Solved: Facebook Marketplace Isn't Working or loading

Solved: Facebook Marketplace Isn’t Working

If you have fallen victim to the Facebook Marketplace glitch, Facebook has addressed the issue to help locked out users – The fix comes in less than 24 hours after submitting an appeal form. In...
Step by step guide to turn your Mac's internet connection into a hotspot with Internet Sharing

Step by step guide to turn your Mac’s internet connection into a hotspot with...

Not every device has the same Wi-Fi hardware strength, computers especially Apple MacBook can detect Wi-Fi signals from faraway and network strength will be just perfect, unlike mobile devices. Fortunately, MacBook users can turn their...
Create a single long image in a carousel ad

Learn how to create a single long image in a carousel ad

Facebook Carousel ad format has recently proved success with many advertisers across the globe, hence, here is a new way to impress audience with this conversion generator method. Here's how to create an ad in...
The Easy Way To Add 'Call To Action' Button to Facebook Posts

Easy way to add ‘call to action’ button to Facebook posts

We recently posted about new changes taking place in the Facebook arena, about the enhancements Facebook is going to roll-out this March, and retiring the sponsored stories. Finally, you can add call action buttons...
instagram-ads, digital boom

How to create your first Instagram advert?

You must have heard the news about Instagram ads launch, but how to create your first Instagram advert? Facebook is still rolling out access to advert accounts, check the following steps, and you will know from the...
How To Increase Participation, Create a Supportive Facebook Group Culture

How To Increase Participation, Create a Supportive Facebook Group Culture

When you create a Facebook group community, the tone and culture of your group will be determined and created by the person who first establishes it. It is your responsibility and that of the other...
Useful Tips To Grow Your Facebook Group

Useful Tips To Grow Your Facebook Group

Now that you have created your Facebook group, it’s time to add members. Adding your friends and family is simply not enough if you mean for your Facebook group to bring in revenue for...
internations, how to manage global audience on social media

InterNations Team Explains How to Manage a Global Audience on Social Media

The InterNations Social Media Team weighs in on what it takes to engage a social community of over one million people around the world. As the Social Media Manager for InterNations, the largest network for...
The InterNations tips on how to manage a global facebook

Internations: 6 Tips for Managing a Global Social Media Audience

Managing social media accounts can be a challenge, especially when you are addressing a large, international audience. From knowing what to post to writing understandable texts, it’s not always an easy job. The InterNations...
instagram brings GIFs to stories

Instagram Allows Users to Add GIFs, Any Size Photo to Stories

Instagram has release new updates to enrich Stories. Now, you can add vibrant, animated GIF stickers to any photo or video and immediately turn any moment into something fun and sharable, as well as...

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