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Tips on How to Cheat Facebook Organic Reach

On average, a user can see from 1,500 to 3,000 brand update on his Facebook newsfeed; most of these updates may not be relevant, appealing, or adding value to the user, and by the time the user will spend less time on-site and subsequently, this will affect FB, so the organic reach has been declining since 2013 until it became less than 3%. If you want to reach more, pay.

How to increase organic reach?

How can we reach more people without spending some bucks behind our posts? Based on some studies made in the US and other regions by social media professionals, some ways can help you increase your organic reach a bit, but these tips will not boost your post as the paid reach. Below are some tips based on some research and reading from many sources, summarized and added in one place so you can use it or don’t…. it’s up to you.

1. Content

“Content is King”; a well-known fact nobody implements – it doesn’t matter the number of posts you make; what matter is the quality of content; some content may live longer because it has the right relevant or appealing message with the right media than can make it last longer and can get more engagement than newer posts. And by getting more engagement the post will appear on the newsfeed of friends of your fans or your fans.

2. Video content has an organic boost from Facebook

Photos used to be the reach cow on Facebook, and they were the most promoted type of media until late 2014, Videos took over, and photos declined to be the least. Below is a graph showing the organic reach for videos versus the other type of media.source: social bakers

3. Use post targeting to deliver your content to the right target audience

To avoid any wastage, target your people through the post targeting options; they will be more interested in your content when they see it on their timelines. Consequently, engagement per post will be higher; see the figure below to know how to target your audience-targeted audiences on Facebook.

4. Avoid the clutter

Study your competitors and how and when they frequently post, avoid these time intervals, and avoid getting diluted within other posts unless you want to communicate a counter offer. So you need to check 2 things:

  • When your fans are online from FB insights when fans are online
  • Competitors timing: Try to find a sweet spot where the fans are online, and the competitors are not.

Finally, all the above can help you increase your organic reach but will never give you the effect of paid reach.

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