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Efficient Marketing Tools to Create Viral Campaigns Rapidly

Marketing has always been a subtle companion of trade and e-commerce. It started with word of mouth and later grew into an entire industry with its own methods, techniques, and tricks. With the emergence of social media marketing, the role of marketing has only increased. It has always been associated with huge investments, but now they have grown even more.

Since more and more students start their own businesses that are often related to sales of products and services, knowledge of marketing and keeping abreast of its latest tools and techniques are necessary to reach success.

Such an active business involvement takes over all of the time students have. Thus, they often leave their academic assignments to a custom essay writer they find online, focusing on customer acquisition for their venture. Fortunately, modern marketing tools can help them save even more time.

Having a desire to learn, young business owners can master several effective marketing tools themselves. It can help them save money while developing a better understanding of how marketing actually works.

This article is going to shed light on several most successful marketing tools of our time.

Efficient Marketing Tools to Create Viral Campaigns Rapidly

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Email marketing is almost as old as the Internet. However, it still helps target millions of people to particular products – Marketers should not ignore Email marketing – With a growing number of new tools and techniques, it still ranks high among all other marketing tricks in terms of success.

MailChimp helps marketers or small business owners create engaging and appealing emails that target the right population of clients, convert visitors into buyers, etc. This tool also helps in planning email sending out, automating as many associated processes as possible.

Digital Marketing Tuner

Data is the most valuable asset on Earth right now. If your business does not make use of the customer data it collects, it will surely collapse. Thus, it would help if you had tools like Digital Marketing Tuner to increase the efficiency of data reporting. It can help you get numerical information concerning your marketing campaign to understand whether what you do is right.

This tool analyzes and optimizes data in a way that makes your business results clear. With such a comprehensive report, you can decide what changes you need to introduce.


This tool has outperformed all its competitors in the CRM subfield. If your business is represented online, it is definitely a must-have.

It helps you order such aspects of online marketing like blogging, SEO, social media, website management, and lead generation. Also, it is indeed an all-in-one marketing software, as it also helps you with landing pages, email marketing, and data reporting.


It is wrong to assume that Trello is merely an organizational tool. It surely is, but it is also about making the most out of content marketing.

It can help you manage your marketing team 24/7 through task delegation and full transparency guarantee. Every post, content, and idea can be discussed and evaluated by the entire team before it goes live.

Other similar programs help in organizing teamwork. However, for marketing purposes, Trello is one of the best.


Every search engine evaluator would say that modern customers demand visuals. Images and GIFs are no longer enough. Thus, you should use video hosting platforms to be able to host video files on your website.

Wistia is one of those. Apart from playing videos as per the given setups, you can also get detailed analytics on every piece of video material you host through the platform. It really helps one bring marketing to a new level.


With your business growing, you will definitely feel the need to interact with your customers more. These interactions should be informative to you and interesting to the customers.

Typeform allows you to create surveys that would be engaging to the audience and valuable to you. One can easily replace a standardized form with a more customer-oriented one to get more answers and feedback. Eye-catching quizzes can help your marketing campaign go viral.


Managing your advertising campaigns across different platforms can be a challenging task. AdStage helps in monitoring all PPC campaigns by automating and analyzing every step of the way.

Using this tool, you can also track marketing outcomes and adjust the campaign accordingly. You can also add different engaging features to make advertisements more interesting and informative. In any case, if your business relies on PPC technologies, AdStage is a must.


Managing and updating social media accounts can take lots of time. However, if you use Buffer, this task becomes much easier.

This tool allows updating content on multiple social media platforms in a fast and easy way. If your business is present on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you can use a free plan.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a universal marketing tool that can help you track the success of all marketing campaigns. You can filter different criteria to see the most relevant analytics.

Google Analytics helps one stay on track with website traffic and take immediate actions to increase customer acquisition and engagement rates.

Efficient Marketing Tools to Create Viral Campaigns Rapidly

Final Words

Marketing plays an important role in developing and promoting any business operating in B2B, B2C, and C2C formats. Even though it has grown into a single industry with all its complexities, many tools are being created daily to ease marketing planning for business starters.

They not only help one organize marketing activities but also allow you to save time and effort and dedicate energy to more inspiring and creative tasks.

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