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Marketing Kingdom Cairo 2: 10 Marketing Tips That Actually Work


In exactly one month, from 26-27 October, Egyptian marketers will have the unique opportunity to hear groundbreaking presentations by marketing gurus from some of the world’s biggest brands. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and Sony Music hitting the stage, the Marketing Kingdom Cairo 2 is all about real life conversations with each other.

To get a taste of Egypt’s biggest marketing event this year, we put together 10 tips by some of the marketing innovators scheduled to present at the event on 26 and 27 October at the Fairmont Towers Hotel in Cairo.


1.     Don’t Accept the Acceptable: As hackneyed as it sounds: dare to disrupt, and dare to disrupt yourself in particular. Scan the conventions in the market and try to break with them in order to identify and optimize new whitespace opportunities. To many, the term disruption could generate a feeling of distress, and that is fine. It actually should feel uncomfortable and a little off. Besides that, we often mistake disruption for transformative and costlytechnological change. However, disruption does not have to be costly, it is a mind-set that looks past restrictions that have been set by industry processes and familiarity. (Darre Van Dijk, TBWA Amsterdam, Netherlands)

2.     Information is not power anymore- actions are what will give you the edge. (Mohammed El Sharkawy, Unilever Hair Care, UK)

Think and act mobile –  Consumers are spending a significant amount of their day on mobile in mobile apps.  This makes it a great place to attract attention, deliver a relevant message and to drive business results. (Ian Manning, Facebook, UAE)
4.     Think Mobile Video –  In today’s fast paced world, consumers want relevant, targeted messages and are able to determine the key message in a fraction of second and remember key outtakes in a matter of seconds.  So in a mobile world, we are able to deliver meaningful messages in only seconds, potentially changing the way we think about advertising.     (Ian Manning, Facebook, UAE)

5.     Digital transformation is driven, not by technology or data, but by strong leadership, a well-understood strategy as well as the people and culture.(Kelvin Lee, Thomson Reuters, UK)

6.     If you want to have r-e-a-l success with your video – make sure you do it with the right set of KPIs. (Magnus Zaar, Think Agency, Sweden)

7.    Measure everything: but keep measurement simple and aim to track performance against sales and brand metrics whatever platform your campaign runs on. (Tim McLoughlin,, UK)

8.     Strive for progress before perfection (Maksimilian Kalhed, The Pop Up Agency, UK)

9.     Your reputation is driven by perception on all channels. Focus on it and manage it on all channels.  (Khaled Ismail, Tetra Pak, UAE)

  1. Multitasking is a myth, Focus is king/queen. (Abraham Asefaw, The Pop Up Agency, UK)

For more information about the movers and shakers scheduled to present at the Marketing Kingdom Cairo 2, visit the event’s official website.

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