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You Are Going on Vacation, But Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t

It is finally summertime. We have worked hard all year round, and now it is the time for a well-deserved vacation, far away from the office, where we can unplug, disconnect, be out of touch and out of reach. But can we really?
Community / social media managers know very well the 24/7 connected world we live in. Being constantly online means that our corporate presence on social media is always “on” and should be managed carefully, even when we are away.

Here I have listed 5 tips to help you enjoy an uninterrupted summer vacation while keeping your social media strategy working!

 #1 Create a social media content calendar 

Social content calendars are needed all year round. However, they become increasingly important when you are away as they help you plan and organize your content in advance. We recommend having a clear calendar of the content you want to push to your audience, taking into account major events that are happening during your absence. The calendar serves as an overview of concise deadlines as to when your content, including videos, images, blog posts, etc., should be ready.

 #2 Schedule your social media posts

Now that you have a clear overview of the content you want to share with your audience while you are away, it is time to schedule your tweets and posts for your social accounts. Your followers don’t need to be deprived of content while enjoying your drink on the beach in Marbella. Media monitoring tools like Meltwater allow you to schedule your postings to make sure that you keep your followers well fed with good and engaging content.

 #3 Set up your alerts

The nature of our 24/7 online lifestyle means that we have limited control, and you never know what can happen when you go away. Therefore, you are recommended to set up alerts for important keywords, including your name, your company name, etc. If you are the type of community manager that checks their email even when they are on holiday, then these alerts are handy to keep you informed of any potential issues or crises.

#4 Engage in real-time – even when you’re away

To ensure that you stay in control of your social strategy, you are advised to have a team member taking care of your social accounts while you are away. Your replacement must maintain the same style, the way you address social messages, tone of voice, and the overall brand message and identity. Please read my previous post, 8 Tips for Managing a Corporate Twitter Account.

#5 Share but don’t spam!

Social media means H2H! There is no harm in sharing a picture or two of your drink by the pool or your stroll along the boulevard – provided that your communications style allows for that. This can keep followers connected and engaged in events when you are away. Needless to say that oversharing – read bragging/spamming/inappropriate images – could be considered offensive and leads to losing followers.
Now that you have done all of the above have a fabulous summer vacation 🙂