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The biggest challenges event planners face and how you can solve them

Have you ever seen an event planner at work? The epitome of calm and collectiveness, an event planner simply has to watch all of their hard work and planning come together in one straightforward event. While at face value this statement sounds true and event planners can appear as though they’re the essence of tranquillity, in reality, they’re working hard behind the scenes to ensure everything goes ahead without a hitch as well as constantly keeping control of little emergencies that appear throughout the event. 

So, what is it that keeps event planners on their toes? Here we’ll examine the most common challengers event planes face and how they solve them. 

Struggling to get organised

The problem: Even the most experienced event planners can struggle with the huge amount of data and information they need to obtain and then transform into an event that exceeds all expectations. Paperwork can quickly mount up, RSVPs can get lost, guest numbers can get distorted, and things can quickly spiral out of control. 

The solution: The best way most professional event planners get by is by investing in free event planning software. Whether you’re trying to obtain culinary requirements or you’re trying to sell tickets to your event, event planning software and mobile ticketing are the ideal solutions to all your event organisational problems. 

Not enough staff

The problem: Finding yourself struggling without enough staff usually happens on the day of the event. Often when it’s too late. Queues of impatient patrons at the bar, hungry guests waiting to be served their meals and no one around to help with the car parking situation. A lack of organisation and planning usually leads to this kind of challenge.

The solution: Figure out how many RSVPs you have and then calculate how many employees you think you might need. It’s always a good idea to have staff on backup should numbers swell near the event date.

Bad weather

The problem: You may have everything planned down to the very last detail, but if the weather doesn’t play ball, you’re going to be stuck outside with some very disgruntled, and very wet guests. Having a plan b in case of bad weather is absolutely essential for any event that is due to take place outdoors.

The solution: Find and choose a back-up venue in advance. One that isn’t too far away and won’t require much travelling. If your event takes place on the lawn of a grand country house, consider moving your event indoors instead. Speak with the venue about your rainy-day options.

Not confirming everything

The problem: From your venue to your caterers, your entertainment to your florist, every aspect of your event must be ready to go. You may be emailing vendors for months in the lead up to the event but if they fail to turn up on the day itself, your event will be a disaster.

The solution: Give each vendor one last confirmation call 48 hours before the event. Confirm the date, and time and what services you’re receiving on the day. 

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